Keep abreast of changing regulations with ease and precision

Compliance magic happens when content, training and analytics are aligned

Failure to follow established standard operating procedures (SOP) is one of the most frequently cited compliance regulations. SOP training management with ShareKnoweldge solves this problem by working like a well-oiled machine — bringing consistency, accuracy and scalability.

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A fresh take on SOP Training management...

Maintain consistency and accuracy with a synergistically designed SOP management system. While other systems compartmentalize tasks, leaving room for errors, ShareKnowledge marries all the pieces together to improve compliance rates. 

Remove SOP disorganization with consistent, systematic workflows and processes. From authoring and revisions to routing for approvals, SOP distribution, training and reporting--every step is woven together for maximum efficiency.  

Scaling content is quick and seamlessWe use a templated approach so changes won’t bog you down  rapid course development, mass creative assets production, multilingual production and localization, multi-device compatible and accessible. 




Full Integration Between Content, Training and Analytics

Training and HR master-data is fully integrated with the lifecycle of the SOP. And, it’s all traceable and auditable 

Intelligent Risk Alerts

Reporting and analytics provide compliance risk alerts so you can make corrections accordingly 

Intelligent Document Management

Create, manage and update SOPs and work instructions with flexible permissions, collaboration and distributed content ownership

Analysis and Optimization

Analysis and design, change management, resource planning, project management, in-house content engineering 

Automated Content Conversion Workflows

Save time with automated content conversion workflows that are seamlessly integrated with GRC, DMS and training delivery system 
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