Using SharePoint Team Sites to Aid Blended Learning...

A step-by-step guide

One of the biggest challenges we face as corporate trainers is providing a learning environment that meets the needs of our workers. Blended learning is an approach becoming widely used because it allows employees control over their learning while also providing social interaction.

A blended learning approach ensures that not only is the learner engaged more and driving his/her individual learning experience to some degree, but also since different learners have different learning styles, a blended approach is more likely to cater to those varying needs.

This is a great benefit for learners and business alike, because as we know, the more workers are engaged the more productivity goes up.

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 are so widely adopted in the business world as a total business solution that it’s hard to ignore the way organizations can benefit from also using them as an environment for learning curriculum like blended learning.

While SharePoint is widely used as a content collaboration system, for the purposes of this white paper, we’ll be discussing specifically how to utilize SharePoint team sites for blended learning.

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