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Training in highly regulated industries involves requiring participants to be certified in standard operating procedures, adhering to post-hire training and certification schedules and follow-up if training and certification dates have been missed. With all this comes challenges.

For selected industries like health care, pharmaceuticals, financial services and insurance, there is a level of government regulation and oversight not seen in other industries. Forward-thinking companies seek the quality carrot, not the regulatory overseer’s stick. They develop and sustain a culture of quality.

One way this is done is by managing regulated content like training. Training content is used to educate company personnel about standard operating procedures (SOPs). The training material must be distributed to the right individuals, at the right time, with appropriate acknowledgments collected, electronic signatures captured, and test results archived. 

Utilizing SharePoint for compliance results in a host of benefits including supreme document management, fully validated system and rapid time to training value. The right SharePoint-based LMS also makes use of already-validated authentication, security, content access, and similar services. This means a huge savings in time, effort, and expense. 

Find out how the orgaqnizations that standardize on SharePoint as their corporate Enterprise Content Management Solution, can enhance their corporate training and solve common challenges such as rapidly converting additional training into actionable plans, recording and maintaining electronic signatures, ensuring auditing requirements and managing retesting requirements. 

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