SharePoint Workflows and Version Control for Learning Managers...

A ShareKnowledge White Paper

In the corporate world, Microsoft’s SharePoint has caught on like wildfire. Many functional business areas, including training management, have access to this enterprise content-management solution. 

Learning managers have discovered how easy it is to store content in SharePoint. However, there are many learning management challenges beyond storing training content. These challenges include:

- Finding useful preexisting course materials in MS Word, PDFs and media files

- Bringing preexisting course material up-to-date

- Collecting and organizing new and updated material from course presenters

- Ensuring course developers and reviewers follow a robust content-review cycle

- Providing finalized course materials to the right people at the right time

SharePoint has workflow and versioning capabilities to help learning managers with all of these challenges.

SharePoint workflows orchestrate the process of training materials through the stages of development, collaboration, editing, finalization and approval. They embody the consistent flow of events and actions that result in approved course material. Once defined, workflows are ready for reuse, streamlining the process of existing course material and the development of new courses.

SharePoint versioning tracks successive iterations of training content as team members create, review, edit and approve content. Throughout the material development workflow, versioning helps learning managers ensure team members are on the same page, both literally and figuratively.

This white paper highlights some of the challenges that learning and development managers experience when using SharePoint to support training, and the value that SharePoint’s built-in workflows and versioning facilities offer in the face of those challenges.

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