Using Surveys for Training in SharePoint

Did you know there is an easy, effective way to get crucial feedback from your training programs?

What if we told you it was as quick as four, simple steps?

Download our free white paper to learn more about how to use surveys in SharePoint to help with some common learning management challenges.

Learning and development (L&D) professionals face many challenges in planning, developing, and delivering training to their learning communities. One of the most difficult yet important tasks is measuring the effectiveness of these programs.

This white paper will address this issue and provide helpful tips to employ surveys in SharePoint in order to objectively analyze the effectiveness and impact of your training.

With SharePoint surveys, you can gather training requests and requirements to find out which trainings should be offered or to ask about the gaps in employee knowledge, skills and abilities. Surveys are also a great way to access the readiness of your learners. Using a survey as a course prerequisite will give the instructor a clear picture of who is ready for the course and who needs remedial work. And lastly, surveys are great for getting feedback – what course material worked best and which needs improvement. A follow-up survey immediately after a course is a prime opportunity to gain valuable insight while the content is still fresh in the learners mind. 

Properly applied, SharePoint enhances corporate learning and development and makes the learning professional’s many tasks much lighter and the learner’s success far more likely.

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