Can SharePoint really function as an all-inclusive LMS?...

A guide to understanding the pros and cons of using SharePoint as an LMS

There is no question that Learning Management Systems are not going anywhere. In fact, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds and is expected to take in revenues exceeding $2.5 billion this year. Companies reap the many benefits of an LMS from hosting a centralized learning environment to organized compliance procedures, collaboration, employee retention and cost savings to name a few. Microsoft SharePoint offers a plethora of features that perform much like an LMS such as document sharing, calendaring, discussions, intranet-esque page design and of course, tight permissions for users.

So, it begs the question, can using SharePoint as an LMS offer a better, all-inclusive experience for training and development needs?

In the last year, organizations have steadily moved away from slashing corporate training budgets to increasing spending by 15 percent, a good indicator of improved economic conditions. The need for a skilled workforce is imperative and organizations are moving forward with a cautiously optimistic attitude. However, budgets continue to be highly criticized and streamlining processes for efficiency is the status quo. For this very reason, training managers are exploring already existing software operations, like SharePoint as an LMS, to utilize them to their best advantage.

Advantages of SharePoint as an LMS

According to Microsoft, SharePoint is one of the fastest growing applications in the company’s history and continues to surge. In fact, 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using the application. This means that for those that have SharePoint, there is no additional IT infrastructure needed or management systems to integrate when used for SharePoint as an LMS. Another bonus is that there is no learner mutiny involved since SharePoint as an LMS boasts a familiar Microsoft Office-like interface.

Reduced training costs, reduced IT costs, increased productivity and learning outcomes = MAJOR BENEFITS!

Here is a short list of areas that SharePoint as an LMS exceeds at and are available right away:

Mutual Content Management. SharePoint is a leader when it comes to content management. Being able to connect content management and an LMS allows uploading training material that much easier. Version control and approval workflows also ensure a better-managed compliance system.

Project Management Team Sites. SharePoint team sites offer project management to run flawlessly with task lists, reminders, calendar and social collaboration. For more efficiency, just sync Microsoft SharePoint with Microsoft Project.

Setting permissions by folder and content level. Set permissions that allow only the right people access to specific training content.

 Social Teamwork. Social features in SharePoint make is so much easier to collaborate with blogs, communities, Wikis, RSS feeds, gamification and discussion boards.

Single sign-on and active directory sync. Learners won’t have to remember yet another username and password. SharePoint automatically syncs with an organization’s active directory and other systems.

Training requirements and feedback. Utilizing surveys can help identify what is good and not so good about a training program.

Download a free white paper that will answer your questions and clarify in further detail how SharePoint as an LMS can provide an effective LMS solution for certain training requirements as well as explain how to get additional functionality with customization and provide guidance for situations when a separate LMS is required. 

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