Project Management Hints for Training Specialists

Using Microsoft Project and SharePoint together to achieve more

Would you like to learn how to manage your projects more efficiently, keep your team members well connected, and centralize project information and communications?

Download our free white paper to discover useful tips on how to utilize Microsoft SharePoint and Project together in order to solve common project issues with training development.

Microsoft Project is a wonderful tool for training managers, developers, human resource specialists and others who manage complex projects, such as creating content for training or developing an e-learning course. However, long gone are the days of one person driving a project from start to finish. Often times it requires input from a variety of highly skilled experts that involve teamwork, co-operation and a systemic workflow.

Making sure you and your team members have all the latest project information can be a challenge. Whenever multiple people are working together on a joint project or initiative you need some way of effectively communicating what everyone is supposed to do.

For instance, let’s assume you are going to develop an e-learning course. Your project is planned, resources assigned and wonderful Gantt chart created. How will your team members know what tasks they are assigned? Will you send them emails and wait for responses? Do you have a system in place to track due dates?

This white paper will address how project managers can keep their teams better connected by simply using the sync feature between Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint — allowing the project schedule to be maintained in Microsoft Project while seamlessly communicating and collaborating around that plan with your team in SharePoint.

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