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The act of collaborating is people working together as a team for a common purpose. In fact, almost every facet of life involves some form of collaboration, including the workplace.

This year, social collaboration will be more important than ever for business. A recent survey conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, shows that companies are becoming increasingly unhappy with their current LMS and rank social and collaborative tools as a top priority.

The need to demonstrate a stronger link between learning and performance is becoming more and more important for learning and development professionals. And, according to research, this is achieved by incorporating informal or ‘social elements’ into learning plans.

Companies that acknowledge the importance of collaboration in the workplace reap the benefits of increased efficiency, employee retention and job satisfaction, development of employee skills and an increased pooling of talents and strengths.

Using digital documents is the norm these days and most workers are generally interacting exclusively online. As a result, we are now being introduced to a whole new way of supporting collaboration and training. 

The Business Problem:

In order to receive true value from collaboration and training, there must be a careful analysis of what systems are currently in place to support it, and what goals are needed to achieve this.

This paper will cover four key areas:

- Enterprise Content Management

- Business Process Management

- Document Management

- Social Collaboration

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Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Content Management

SharePoint provides a centralized place for storing content and better control.

Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Business Process Management

SharePoint can be put to work solving difficult problems without resorting to complex development projects.

Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Document Management

Excellent organization and collaborative environment.

Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Social collaboration

Reduce the amount of emails and engage remote workers

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