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A ShareKnowledge eBook

Today, enterprises are composed of numerous stakeholder groups, many of which require or benefit from receiving organized training. These groups include the central enterprise organization, business units with varying degrees of autonomy, and third-party stakeholders including business partners, suppliers, subcontractors, franchisees, channel partners and other communities of interest.

One of the great challenges for extended enterprise training management is to span the training needs of diverse groups in an efficient and effective way, while remaining responsive to their particular specialized requirements. Managing permissions that control who is entitled or mandated to be trained, with which materials and when, lies at the heart of training management. Consider how crucial a robust training permissions management capability is to the following training roles:

- Enterprise training managers ensure that enterprise governance for training receives attention and action.

- Group training managers deliver training to specific functional groups and geographic regions.

- Third party training managers ensure external stakeholders receive the right training, information and content.

Flexible permissions, as realized by ShareKnowledge, are a critical enabler of efficient and effective training management. Benefits include increased profits through better worker productivity, reduced operational costs, reduced compliance and operational risks and increased flexibility.

This e-book explores the value that the ShareKnowledge learning management solution (LMS) delivers through its powerful permissions capabilities.

 If your organization has training requirements that span business units and organizational boundaries, ShareKnowledge’s flexible permissions help you address differing training needs for compliance, content depth, and content language. If you are responsible for training diverse stakeholder groups with specific training requirements, this e-book will address your challenges and ShareKnowledge’s solution approach.

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Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Increase profits

Improved producitvity happens when targeted training happens

Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Reduced operational costs

Proper training to the right people lowers the chance of policy and procedure errors

Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Lower compliance risk

With flexible permissions, the right people and groups will receive the right training in the right time frame, with an audit trail to back you up

Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Increased flexibility

Training becomes much easier. On boarding is now extremely easy, with preconfigured onboard and promotion training material packages

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