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Find out how PulteGroup saved over 2,600 hours of classroom training using ShareKnowledge LMS.

Using ShareKnowledge for tream training provides a seamless training experience that saves time and money by reducing travel time, providing self-directed learning paths, comprehensive reporting and full integration to other systems like CRM and HRIS.

Find out how PulteGroup saved over 2,600 hours of classroom training using ShareKnowledge LMS. 

PulteGroup already had an existing LMS which had plateaued in functionality. “We needed a user-friendly LMS that could help our sales team hit the ground running,” states Kim Cole, Training Lead at PulteGroup. “Our goal was to keep the sales team out in the field and away from the classroom as much as possible. A self-directed learning approach was ideal and ShareKnowledge provided the tools for us to do this successfully.”

PulteGroup was driven to find a new learning management system that would provide the following:

1.      Ease of use. PulteGroup was concerned with getting their salesforce up to speed with the new CRM system so they needed an LMS that was straightforward and easy to use by a wide range of people.

2.      Ability to refresh training materials quickly and effectively. With the fast paced nature of sales, it was important for Pulte to be able to upload the most up-to-date training materials in a timely manner.

3.      Comprehensive progress reporting.  Pulte wanted the sales team to be able to learn independently however it was important to have the tools available to track their teams to see learning progression.

4.      Integration with existing SharePoint environment. From a business perspective and efficiency standpoint, PulteGroup needed the new solution to fully integrate with their existing SharePoint as well as CRM system. 

Follow their journey from start to finish and find out how they were able to solve some of their training issues by implementing an LMS built for SharePoint. 


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Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Ease of use

All of Pulte's employees could use the system without issue

Great ShareKnowledge Feature

Easy to update content

Administrators added learning modules quickly and easily

Great ShareKnowledge Feature


Track learner progress in three clicks

Great ShareKnowledge Feature


The LMS was able to 'talk' to every business system

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