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Promoting a Growth Strategy

ShareKnowledge Partners and Affiliates

At ShareKnowledge, we realize that collaboration with partners and affiliates is essential to our growth strategy. And, as a result, we created a Partner Program where 'your success is our success'. By teaming up with ShareKnowledge, you’ll receive all the skills and expertise to grow your business successfully, increase revenue opportunities and develop new proficiencies your customers demand.

Interested in becoming a ShareKnowledge Partner?

ShareKnowledge’s partners sell and provide front-line support for ShareKnowledge products and services to their clients.

Program Benefits

  • Sales tools (Includes logos, white papers, demo tools, case studies, etc.)
  • Sales collateral available in Word format for localization & co-branding
  • Product software for in-house use and/or demonstration purposes
  • Access to ShareKnowledge support and sales training
  • Listing on ShareKnowledge partner page
  • Eligibility for early or pre-release access to new software and product updates
  • Lead referrals from ShareKnowledge for opportunities in their sales territory

Interested in becoming a ShareKnowledge Affiliate?

The ShareKnowledge Affiliate Program provides a way for professionals in the fields of training, learning, IT, etc. who are aware of a need in an organization for an e-learning solution to refer these companies to ShareKnowledge and be rewarded for their efforts. ShareKnowledge Affiliates will benefit from commissions on sales revenue that result from opportunities that they have generated and passed to ShareKnowledge.

For more information about ShareKnowledge Partner and Affiliate programs, please call (425) 996-4201 or email

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