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Benefits of being on SharePoint ...

Your company chose SharePoint for a reason. Here are some reasons your LMS should be on SharePoint, too...

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ShareKnowledge’s Wonderful Possibilities for Flexible Corporate Training Management...

Simple and Compound Courses. Depending on the training task, you can choose the most practical learning activity format:

Publish simple courses containing a single learning activity (for example, an e-learning course or training session).

Create a training curriculum containing a few interlinked learning activities. You can therefore define a sequence of activities which requires: studying materials, completing a training session and/or e-learning course, along with a final test. You can decide whether or not the learner should be allowed to continue on to the next activity if the preceding one wasn’t completed.

Managing Assignments and Enrollment Rules. Functions within ShareKnowledge allow flexibly managing access to courses, as well as defining for which employees activities are required, recommended or open. You’ll therefore be able to assign an activity to specific employees, or create enrollment rules based on an employee’s position, department or workgroup.

Enrollment Requests for Training Sessions, Wait Lists. Each employee for whom the event is open (but not required) can submit an enrollment request for this event, which will be reviewed by the instructor and/or manager.

The manager can submit a request to have their employees trained.

If there are more requests than available seats, the instructor can place some of the applicants in the wait list. If seats become available, they can be sent invitations to participate in the event.

Preliminary Events, Long-Term Planning. When planning users’ learning activities, it can be difficult to decide on a training session’s exact date. Now the solution is simple! Just create preliminary events for March and summer of next year within the ShareKnowledge learning management system. Then enroll students for the event in question.

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Minor Features to Make the Instructor’s Life Easier

Quick Publishing

Open courses are published in 3 clicks


Classify courses thanks to a hierarchical category structure

WYSIWYG editor

Create a detailed description of the course, including images

CEU and Cost Tracking

For each activity, it’s possible to specify CEUs and cost to correctly manage continuing education and plan the budget

Grading Scales

For each activity, it’s possible to define how to convert obtained scores into grades


For each course, it’s possible to specify which other activities must be completed beforehand


The same material can be published several times with different settings

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