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Benefits of being on SharePoint ...

Your company chose SharePoint for a reason. Here are some reasons your LMS should be on SharePoint, too...
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What Are the Advantages of ShareKnowledge SharePoint LMS?

A Fully Integrated SharePoint LMS and Content Management System. SharePoint already includes content management features. So why waste time transferring content from one system to the other where the risk of error is inevitable? Easily and efficiently publish learning materials, from SharePoint directly to ShareKnowledge.

Leverage Ongoing Education in the SharePoint LMS, ShareKnowledge. Using a companywide SharePoint portal as the foundation of ongoing education naturally brings this activity closer to the organization’s day-to-day operations – it helps to bring learner groups into contact with other operational groups within the company.

A Flexible and Customizable SharePoint LMS. Since ShareKnowledge is a collection of Web components, it is essentially modular; various modules can be enabled or disabled. The advantage of our approach is that we provide ShareKnowledge as the ‘Core LMS’ set of Web components. We leave it up to the enterprise to choose, control and deploy additional social networking and/or enhanced functionality Web components for their eLearning portal. These could be blogs, forums, Web-meetings, whiteboards, wikis, etc.

Learner-Centric. Within ShareKnowledge SharePoint LMS, each learner obtains their personalized set of materials based on enrollment rules. With our unique PowerSync™ feature, we can even assign courses based on job title, role or organizational unit. So, even if there is a job change, promotion or transfer, your training will automatically be updated. Therefore, each employee has access to a personalized hierarchical catalog and learning plan.

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Integration Basic Features and Benefits

Advanced social features such as blogs, wikis, discussion boards, etc

For sharing ideas, finding answers and keeping track of what others are working on

Find people with the required expertise

Consult experts on the subject matter, such as a project or field

On-Premise and Cloud Versions

ShareKnowledge SharePoint LMS can be hosted within a Microsoft Azure cloud

Use the same environment to work with any document

Publish task protocols, instructions and other material stored in SharePoint as learning materials in ShareKnowledge SharePoint LMS

Content check-out and check-in

Library-like tools to help coordinate work on the same content by multiple developers, so that only one developer at a time can work on the content

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  • Fully Integrated SharePoint LMS - ShareKnowledge
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