Role-Based Interface

Every training process participant obtains the necessary permissions

Benefits of being on SharePoint ...

Your company chose SharePoint for a reason. Here are some reasons your LMS should be on SharePoint, too...

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What Possibilities Does Each Role Provide For an Employee?


  • Obtains and performs training tasks

  • Has access to the learning activities and materials catalog

  • Can request enrollment in training sessions 


  • Manages learning materials, courses and training sessions
  • Provides training tasks: rule-based and personalized
  • Processes training results for employees of the departments/groups to which they have been assigned
  • Manages enrollment requests for training sessions, forms groups


Monitors their department’s training process, has access to reports on the department’s employees



Manages the organizational structural model, user roles

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Obtain Total Knowledge Control

Role Tabs

Role-based interface for LMS provides each employee with a set of tabs corresponding to their role

Personalized Learning Plan

Each learner has a personalized set of learning materials at their disposal

Department and Workgroup Permissions

The instructors for various departments won’t be distracted by superfluous information related to other departments’ employees

Knowledge for All

Personalized learning plans and catalogs are accessible by all employees
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  • Role-Based Interface for LMS - ShareKnowledge
  • Learner View - ShareKnowledge
  • Instructor View - ShareKnowledge
  • Observer View - ShareKnowledge
  • LMS Administrator View - ShareKnowledge

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