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Benefits of being on SharePoint ...

Your company chose SharePoint for a reason. Here are some reasons your LMS should be on SharePoint, too...

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A Complete Reporting System for Effective Corporate Training...

  • Built-in Reports. With the ShareKnowledge LMS set of built-in reports, it’s possible to supervise the current training situation
  • Instructors can see how training is progressing within their courses and what results learners are obtaining as well as assess the training itself with advanced reporting features.
  • Managers can analyze how training is progressing within their team and to ensure course access and assignments are given to the right people with the Management Hierarchy Report.
  • Observers can see how people to which they’ve been assigned are studying.

Information is displayed as a table within reports. It’s then possible to process, filter and group data according to attributes with the Web interface, without using any additional tool. It’s also possible to configure filters.

Ad Hoc Report Builder. We created Report Builder to fill each company’s unique needs. It’s possible to configure, display and save custom reports which correspond to your business goals. We even cover specific industries as well. For instance, our clients in Heavy Industry and Construction enjoy our Matrix Report that allows managers to quickly compare training gaps to a job someone doesn't do yet. This provides needed clarity to see what staff members can do a job, or are very close, to hit the ground running in a fast-paced environment.

You can save frequently needed groups of reporting settings, such as: departments, positions, courses and their categories, regions, dates.

SharePoint-Based Reporting Site. If your business goals include regular complex reporting, we’ll help you configure needed reports using Microsoft tools (such as Microsoft SQL Reporting Services). Since ShareKnowledge is built on top of SharePoint, the system is tightly integrated with Microsoft’s infrastructure. You’ll thereby be able to set up an independent sub-site to access pre-configured reports with only 2 clicks. You’ll also be able to configure the email notification system, and the template system which automatically generates reports at scheduled times.

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All Needed Reporting In a Few Clicks


The Gradebook feature helps to analyze compound course activities. You’ll be able to view a table composed of each student’s results from every activity

Export to XLS and Other Formats

All of ShareKnowledge’s built-in reports can be downloaded with one click in XLS format, allowing you to examine data in greater detail

Externally Accessible Database

Using a special database display format, you can extract ShareKnowledge data to analyze it along with other data from your HRIS

Test Analysis

You can view result statistics for each test question. This makes it possible to evaluate question complexity and find the areas causing the greatest difficulty for learners

Field Chooser

It’s possible to add and remove columns from all reports using the simple and convenient Field Chooser tool
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