Integrated LMS Features

Can be integrated with anything: HRIS, Outlook, Webinars

Benefits of being on SharePoint ...

Your company chose SharePoint for a reason. Here are some reasons your LMS should be on SharePoint, too...

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Take a Closer Look at ShareKnowledge’s Integration Features ...

Integration with HRIS and Other IT Systems. As a part of the implementation process, we help our clients to configure the integration with needed data sources. Your SharePoint LMS will therefore contain up-to-date records of every employee (or customer, if it’s a customer training system). This includes name, department, location, reporting structure, job level, charge codes and date hired.

Outlook Calendar and Notifications

  • Your LMS is tied into Outlook. Users can add their ShareKnowledge learning calendar to Outlook with 2 clicks. Calendars are automatically updated when training data changes.
  • Email notification technology. Emails will notify everyone that an assigned assessment is due soon. Moreover, email notifications can help users to remember upcoming training events and deadlines. Plus, the learning manager can obtain regular combined reports about various training sessions, right in their Outlook inbox.

Manage Webinars Directly Within the LMS. You can use your favorite webinar service with ShareKnowledge (WebEx, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, Adobe Connect, Lync):

  • Plan webinars directly within the ShareKnowledge LMS and create webinars with the proper settings.
  • ShareKnowledge will automatically create the webinar session using the service you selected.
  • Learners will automatically receive messages containing an authorization code to attend the webinar.
  • ShareKnowledge provides built-in reports regarding who attended the webinar.

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Small Features that Make a Huge Difference

Single Sign-On

Users can simply log in using their Active Directory accounts


ShareKnowledge works with SCORM courses created by Articulate, Captivate and other authoring tools

Email Notifications

Learner are notified when their enrollment request for a training session is approved

More Reports

Configure additional reports using Microsoft Reporting Services

Webinar Tracking

Automatically authenticate users when they enter the webinar room, and track attendance

iCalendar Integration

Learners can subscribe to an Event Calendar in iCalendar format, which is supported by most email clients
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  • Integrated LMS Features - ShareKnowledge
  • Integration with HRIS and Other IT Systems - ShareKnowledge
  • Outlook Calendar and Notifications - ShareKnowledge
  • Manage Webinars Directly Within the LMS - ShareKnowledge

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