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Content Authoring

Create courses that engage and inspire your learners

Content is the backbone of any learning program ...

Here are a few reasons why course authoring in ShareKnowledge will make your job easier.

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Powerful, easy to use authoring capabilities ...

Content authoring in ShareKnowledge provides a highly cohesive answer to creating courses and leveraging them within your LMS.

There is no need to be a 'techie' in order to create engaging, interactive courses.

Quickly choose from a variety of pre-built templates or create your own from our complete library of course assets - create video lectures, quizzes, dialog simulations, interactions and other educational materials all in one program.

Course authoring in ShareKnowledge also gives you complete flexibility of how courses look to ensure consistent brand identity. Choose what colors, fonts, logos and more.

With the most efficient processes available, it's possible to easily scale according to your current development needs. Utilize templates, collaboration and ShareKnowledge's fast publishing options to name a few.

Never have issues with uploading content to your LMS either with ShareKnowledge. SharePoint's robust content library features allow for seamless transfer of any material to the LMS. You can even update and collaborate on courses all from within SharePoint - removing human error with typical content authoring where you're moving from system to system. 

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Functions Available to Learning adminstrators

SCORM, AICC and TinCan API Compliant

Being SCORM compliant will help you share your content with users, improve their experience, and streamline your LMS network

Interactive Content

Interactive content will stick with your learners longer than classic presentations

Test/Quiz Creation

Quizzes are crucial to knowing how well your content is getting through to your audience

Template Management

Templates take away the pressure of coming up with a format from scratch, and typically look cleaner and more professional

Course Publishing

Learners have the option to access your content in a variety of ways

Content Import/Export

Being able to share and customize your content is essential to creating a diverse and dynamic learner environment

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