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Benefits of being on SharePoint ...

Your company chose SharePoint for a reason. Here are some reasons your LMS should be on SharePoint, too...

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Boost Employee Performance One Course at a Time...

What most successful companies know is that happy employees are engaged, loyal and most importantly, productive. They also know that their workers are a valuable asset that can make all the difference between success and failure in the workplace.

Employees want to feel like they’re an important part of an organization. A great way to do this is by providing career enrichment via continuing education. Workers seeking to improve their skills can be an incredible asset for your company and a win-win for both employees and employers

ShareKnowledge offers engaging and relevant training content that works seamlessly with our award-winning Learning Management System (LMS). Topics range from IT Skills and Certifications to Human Resources, Compliance, Safety and Business Skills/Leadership.

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Content available anytime, anywhere!


Over 20,000 online courses to choose from that include real-life scenarios with audio, video and micro learning features to engage your learners

Easy to Understand

No complex legal jargon; just easy to understand courses to improve retention. Over 15 languages also available to maximize your reach

Industry and Role-Based

Content is available for a variety of roles and industries. Easily assign as required, recommended or optional by job role, department, division, or by hire date

Current and Relevant

Regulations and technology are constantly changing. The ShareKnowledge content catalog is continually being updated so you can be sure your learners are always up-to-date

Available Anytime, Instantly

Courses are available via any internet-connected device and are available 24/7, with no limitations

Comprehensive Reporting

Once your learners take a course, you’ll have full access to completion reports and grading
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