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Manage Testing With Additional Settings

Sections. Sections make it possible to subdivide built-in LMS testing questions into a few groups and display reports for each of these. Questions can be placed either directly in the test or within a section. Test parameters make it possible to flexibly configure questions.

Objectives. Objectives make it possible to analyze answers and create a user characterization, accessible to the instructor/manager at the end of the test. This characterization can also be shown to the user, as needed.

Navigation. There are two navigation modes within ShareKnowledge:

Fixed – The user answers questions in a specific sequence, but the next question can be skipped and returned to later.

Free – The user can answer questions in any order.

Reporting Options for Built-in LMS Testing. ShareKnowledge allows five different methods of reporting test results:

  • The message “You have completed the test”
  • The % of correct answers, along with a message stating whether the test was passed or failed.
  • The user’s characterization.
  • The list of questions, along with an indication of which ones were answered correctly.
  • A detailed report indicating correct answers versus answers given by the user.

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An Impressive Selection of Answer Types

Single choice

Select only one answer among the proposed alternatives

Number input

Grades the answer in number format


Sort answers into proper order (using drag and drop)

Multiple choice

Select one or more answers among the proposed alternatives

String input

Type the answer as text


Match pairs of values which belong together (using drag and drop)
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