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ShareKnowledge understands  that many companies are held back by compliance challenges, and as a result, has dedicated itself to developing a highly efficient and effective learning management system that solves these unique challenges.

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Helping to accomplish your corporate training goals. 

We enjoy helping institutions accomplish the goals and objectives they have towards developing their talent, all while providing a competitive edge in IT integration.

We are now a part of the global EPAM family, a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services.

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What our clients say ...

ShareKnowledge SharePoint Learning Management System has given us the peace of mind that every single one of our learners, from tech savvy to tech challenged, can meet their training requirements efficiently and effectively while elevating the goals and standards of the organization

Sean Claremont QHSE Manager, HIgh Arctic Energy Services

For the CorVel operations team, the adoption and launch of ShareKnowledge SharePoint Learning Management System was completely transparent. Operations team members were encouraged to “simply visit the CorVel intranet and take your necessary training.” Trainees never knew they were leaving the intranet and entering ShareKnowledge. This provided a seamless experience for the trainee. As the entire organization accesses the intranet on a daily basis, seamless access to ShareKnowledge sustained familiar intranet traffic patterns.

Matthew Smith Documentation & Training Manager, CorVel Corporation

We chose ShareKnowledge to train our team of over 1,000 sales staff on a new CRM software. Our goal was to reduce the travel and classroom time that keeps the sales staff away from selling. ShareKnowledge helped us achieve that by providing an easy to use system that allowed our team to learn at their own pace in a more sales directed learning approach.

Kim Cole Learning Specialist, Pulte Group

Straight forward installation and use. Dead simple integration with Office suite. Intuitive. Affordable. Great LMS that is Corp-centric (not academia). End user and administrative interfaces are very user-friendly.

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Thomas Standifur Manager, Austin Energy

HIPAA and compliance training for over 3,000 employees is a big task – much more than our former LMS could provide. By choosing ShareKnowledge compliance training solutions, we were able to easily offer specific training for selected groups, track weekly training webinar attendance for CEU credits, and receive detailed record keeping. ShareKnowledge did just what it said it would do and we couldn’t be happier.

Matthew Smith Documentation & Training Manager, Corvel Corporation

ShareKnowledge as a SharePoint Learning Management System offers the cost-effectiveness of a SaaS LMS solution and lower hardware, software, integration, administration, and user adoption costs than a non SharePoint-based on-premises alternative. SharePoint adopters will also appreciate the risk avoidance and compliance management offered by an on-premises solution like ShareKnowledge, which cannot be matched by a SaaS LMS solution.

Stuart Selip Owner and CEO, Principal Consulting, LLC

Very user-friendly. Support is timely with responses. Ease of use when importing content of all varieties. Both end user and administrative interfaces are very user-friendly.

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Heather McGarrigle Training and Development, Home Federal Savings Bank

Very user friendly, easy to pick up and use as a new user. I create, assign and take training's. I like how user friendly it is along with the convenience of having all our training's in one location. I am able to keep track of all employee's learning in one place and pull reports as needed. I like that by putting the training's on the LMS all information is the same no matter how often the course is taken and results are posted instantly. It is easy to upload outside training's onto your training history to make sure credit is given. Easy for managers to pull history of an employee to know when they are coming due for training's. I like that training's can be specific to a certain group, individual or open to all.

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Marcy Jones HR/Safety Administrator, Global Finishing Solutions

Customer service is amazing! Micah is known as a Problem Wrangler and addresses all challenges well! Customer support is outstanding, and the developers really listen and incorporate suggestions into updates/upgrades.

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Andi Tatem Employee Development Administrator, UEC Electronics

The support staff is very responsive and always follows thru. Ease of use for the User and the layout.

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Charlene Moeller Training Manager, Jackson Family Wines

Micah and Shannon are very supportive. This is helpful for our business in making the trainings easy and the software make our lives easier to maintain and upgrade.

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Krishna Posani Sharepoint Administrator, Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity

I received the support needed to develop a valuable LMS. This LMS is intuitive. It offers practical tools for administrators to be creative, offering learning tools for all types of learners. 

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Tanya Washington Learning and Development Consultant, Assertive Apps

Overall i think it is a good system for the price. I like the ease of use. I think the gradebook and control user activity feature makes my world a lot easier. 

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Carey Holden Senior HR Systems Analyst, DCEH

My experience was great! ShareKnowledge provided my company with a flexible, customizable, and fully integrated learning management system. When I ran into a problem that I could not figure out, my support representative person was always there to take the time to setup a zoom or just guide me through the process. I couldn't have asked for a better support person.

(as provided to Capterra)

Melvanice Evans Manager of Corporate Training, Prolong Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Excellent responsiveness and customers service. Flexibility. The system allows us to develop a customized training program that can meet our needs. 

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Jason Croft Marketing Services Manager, Total Filtration Services

Easy to use LMS with great content management features.Very easy, but also better features than most systems. I love the content management and version control workflows. It's also integrated with our sharepoint and microsoft office.

(as provided to Capterra)

Zura Goodpaster Principal Owner and Certified Home Inspector, Happy Homes Inspection Company

SharePoint-based which helps learners quickly adapt to the user interface and makes administration a snap. Piggybacks onto Active Directory so learner login was implementation was easy.

Best software support experience than any other product -- LMS and other. Functionality easy for learners. Administrative functionality is answers all needs.

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Tracy Henchbarger Chief Learning Officer, Non Profit Organization

Enterprise Class LMS that seamlessly plugs in to your SharePoint environment. If Microsoft SharePoint is in use, if you want to leverage this environment and drive SharePoint adoption ShareKnowledge LMS is an effective and affordable solution.

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Laurie Harvey Information Technology Curriculum Leader, BSD 405

Very good LMS with great features for on boarding, training and compliance. We purchased shareknowledge for SharePoint because it meets all of our training, IT and security requirements. I previously used moodle and shareKnowledge is far better. This system is easier to use and change, brand, assign training, run reports and our primary support person is great.

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Mike Anderson Training Lead, Blue Valley

Cohesive, user friendly, strategic and smart. It was really important to us that ShareKnowledge fit into not only our business strategy but our IT strategy as well. We were extremely happy that we could utilize our existing SharePoint technology and processes which ultimately saved us copious amounts of time and money. Not only that, but ShareKnowledge seamlessly integrated into our other business systems as well, providing a cohesive solution. From implementation to tech support, ShareKnowledge has exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend this learning management solution.

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Barbara Tolomei CEO, Softnet Consulting

Flexible system that addresses our needs. Having used other LMS's we appreciated the overall flexibility of the system and ease of use. While support was rarely needed they were very responsive.

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Bryan West CEO, EDC Solutions

I have evaluated this software for several projects and worked directly with Shareknowledge in POC. I have built a POC with Share knowledge LMS Solution tailored for large scale implementations and found the product very flexible in terms of understanding the customer's business logic in learning and reflecting it in the LMS automation. I have also found integration with several external systems achievable, and the Multilanguage versions are a huge plus.

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Waha Jaser Services Executive, Microsoft

Its a great training software with all the features I need. Their support team was great and highly knowledgeable. They go out of their way to be helpful.

(As provided to eLearning Industry)

Verified User by LinkedIn Construction

Fully dedicated to responding to customer requests for enhancements. Convenient and easy-to-use for learners, particularly those familiar with Microsoft SharePoint. Outstanding support. Full functionality. Company development team stays one step ahead of evolution in browser technologies. Have never had better support while in implementing and administering a software application.

(As provided to eLearning Industry)

Verified reviewer by LinkedIn Program and Project Management, Nonprofit Organization Management

ShareKnowledge is versatile and new functionality is constantly being offered. Excellent customer service from all members of the ShareKnowledge team! 

(As provided to eLearning Industry)

Amanda Tatem Employee Development Administrator, UEC Electronics

Full featured SharePoint based LMS for business usage. Very flexible assignment rules - Possibility to map complex enterprise structures - Good usage for blended learning with a mixture of online and classroom training - Outstanding support 

Verified reviewer by LindedIn Information and Technology Services, Consultant

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