Centralization keeps important content organized, updated and searchable

Content that's dialed in means an easier path to compliance

ShareKnowledge makes it easier to conduct training programs and stay compliant with a centralized content management system (CMS) that is fully integrated with the LMS. In highly regulated industries, this is especially important. And, when both content and training activities are in sync, efficiencies increase.  

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Go head-to-head against a fast-paced compliance environment with speed and accuracy...

Accelerate processes by organizing assets in a central location
Create multi-use, reusable, and shareable content that's easily updated across any number of versions.  And, for companies with distributed authors, multiple teams, departments, locations, and users around the world – you’ll reach a whole new level of efficiency. 

Keep sensitive documents safe with permissions and monitoring
Not all content is for everybody’s eyes. ShareKnowledge uses flexible permissions so only the right people have access as well as monitoring tools to understand which users are opening which documents. 

Quickly find any library asset
Regulations change fast, and it’s imperative to find an asset and update it in a timely manner. Advanced keyword search and metadata help your business stay on top. 

Accessible anywhere
Whether at a desk, in the field or on a mobile device, accessible content provides the agility needed to keep up with ever changing regulations and SOPs. 





Multiple team members can work on content and courses together 


Expedite file retrieval using advanced search, metadata, indexing and classification 

One-stop-shop for all things eLearning

Create, manage, host and track digital learning content 


Fully integrate with systems and applications for optimal workflow 

Versioning and Auditing

Standardize and automate content versions so a complete history is retained and all information is readily available 
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