Award-Winning solution for businesses with complex compliance requirements

Compliance is more than just checking the boxes ...with quality training, real results happen

Using a holistic approach, ShareKnowledge brings all the compliance pieces together to work as a unified whole — and, as a result, critical knowledge is retained, behaviors change, and corporate risk is dramatically reduced.

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Award-winning solution that works...

Our experts advise throughout the entire process to develop a customized compliance solution — whether that be general advising, developing eLearning content, compliance training systems optimization, as well as, analytics/reporting.

Corporate compliance depends on the behavior of individual employees. So, we devised a cost-effective solution to ensure that,

  • compliance training is motivating and will convert to everyday work practices
  • courses are engaging and aligned with regulations and policy management
  • all processes are automated and integrated for consistency
  • a depth of valuable information is quickly provided with reporting and business intelligence

Managing compliance isn’t simple. And, a simple system won’t suffice.

ShareKnowledge is a Brandon Hall award-winner for “Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for Compliance Training.’



Compliance training planning

Existing content and technology analysis, resource planning, project and change management, in-house content engineering

Full-cycle custom e-learning content development

Solution concept to design, integration and testing in a client’s system, bespoke & off-the-shelf eLearning content, quick and scalable content production

Design and implementation of compliance training platforms

Technology selection, customization, design & implementation, optimization of existing or new compliance training system

Training activities and content aligned with policies

Automated training creation, updating and distribution that is integrated with policy life cycle

Training and compliance analytics

Compliance matrix/gap analysis, training KPIs/dashboards, insights & at-risk analysis, learning interaction tracking & more

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  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare

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