When Employees Grow with your Business You Succeed

Don't let your LMS be a roadblock for your employees

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When employees grow with your business, you succeed

One thing that’s certain in the business world – you simply can’t grow and succeed without the help of your employees. So, it’s important to have them consistently on-board and trained in order to keep moving forward…or face a major roadblock.

Change is inevitable. And, in order to stay competitive you must adapt. Technologies change, acquisitions happen, new regulations are put into place. These are just a few of the conditions that push change whether you’re ready or not .

Whatever it is, your employees hold the power and can make or break the growth and success of your business.

Training plays an important role in these scenarios. But, getting employees to take time out of their already busy day to take required courses is a challenge.

And, if they do get into the LMS, there is always a chance they’ll get confused, overwhelmed and completely give up.

For the ones that stick it out and stay on the LMS, they can easily get frustrated because they don’t know what courses they’re supposed to take nor where to find them.

Sometimes change requires annual certifications, for instance. Will the employee even remember to put the training on their calendar? Chances are slim and it will be missed.

So What LMS Features Make Change and Growth Easier for Employees?

1. Ease of Use. If there is going to be additional training expected of your employees, the LMS should not be the obstacle. An LMS must be easy and intuitive for any employee, no matter their technical skills, to navigate.

2. Offer varied forms of learning. Time cannot be wasted when there is increased expectations on your workforce. Make learning available in the way that is most convenient to them – microlearning, videos, infographics…

3. Notifications. Take something off their already full plate by having the LMS add trainings to their calendar and remind them when it’s due.

4. Mobile-friendly. Employees are not just behind a desk so it’s important to give them the option to train wherever they are – from out-in-the field to within their home.

5. Searchability.
Make training as convenient as possible for your employees, but also make it easy to find what they’re looking for once they get into the LMS.
6. BONUS FEATURE. This isn’t always available with every LMS, but a system that is incorporated right where your employees do their daily work makes it that much easier to get them to use the LMS.

ShareKnowledge, for instance, is based on Microsoft technologies which is widely used and adopted by thousands of companies. Therefore, all they have to do is sign in with the same username and password used every day and utilize the LMS that should already be familiar to them.

The Selection Process

During the LMS selection process, but sure to include your employees as much as possible to ensure you make the right decision and they feel supported as growth and change happen.
Consider gathering as much information as you can about the problems your employees anticipate with training. A survey might be a helpful tool or a group discussion.
  • I don’t have time to do training?
  • Is the training necessary for my job?
  • I’m not in the office a lot nor have access to a computer?
Be sure to hear their concerns and address them when looking for the LMS. In fact, you might consider even adding a couple employees from various departments to join the LMS selection committee.
The goal is to make it as easy as possible to get the training they need, not add more stress and obstacles in the way of doing their job.

When change happens, your employees should be able to go with the flow in order to keep your business running smoothly, increase productivity and stay compliant among many things. And, the right LMS can make that happen. Think about the tips in this blog when selecting an LMS.

ShareKnowledge is a good choice for those who want and need a scalable LMS. Built exclusively for the corporate environment, ShareKnowledge handles with ease all the requirements of complex business and training processes. If you would like more information about how ShareKnowledge can solve your training needs, please fill out the form.

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