You Now Can Manage Webinars Directly Within ShareKnowledge

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You Now Can Manage Webinars Directly Within ShareKnowledge

In the latest release of ShareKnowledge, we added integration with popular webinar services: GoToMeeting, WebEx, Lync, and Adobe Connect. What does this mean for you? Well, you can now plan and keep track of online training exactly the same way as for offline training, directly within the LMS.

Create the Webinar

To create a webinar, you only need to select your webinar service provider from a drop-down list when you create the training session. The webinar can be a training session in itself or a compound course element.

Attendance Requests for the Webinar

Just as with offline training, users can send requests to participate in open webinars. As an option, this can be subject to approval by the instructor and/or manager.

Link to the Webinar and Authentication

When the webinar begins, each registered employee will have a link to enter the webinar room. As soon as a learner follows this link, they’ll be automatically authenticated for attendance tracking.

>Webinar Reports

After the webinar, the instructor will obtain a report containing data on which registered users attended the webinar.

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