Wasting IT Time? LMS Integration to the rescue.

Reduce friction and minimize wasted time and resources

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Wasting IT time? LMS integration to the rescue.

The IT department isn't just about running a server or an application but creating value for a business. And, in order to focus on that, staff shouldn't be consumed with things like getting systems to talk to one another. It's not productive nor cost effective.

When it comes to corporate training and the various interconnected systems involved, using an LMS with high integration capabilities is imperative.
Reducing business friction and  minimizing wasted time and resources is a goal that, quite frankly, is hard to achieve without integration.
Another huge issue with a lack of integration is maintaining compliance.
Top of mind for any CIO is how to keep an organization safe-e.g., cybersecurity, cyber resilience, GDPR compliance, data protection compliance.
Compliance can be complicated and fast-moving. There isn't time to fiddle around with connecting systems because in the meantime, 

  • IT departments are spending their limited budget on unnecessary man-hours
  • Large gaps in compliance put the business at risk
  • There is a higher likelihood of fines, lawsuits, ruined reputation and more
And lastly, it’s fair to say that nobody wants to spend half their day working on issues that can be easily solved. The next generation of workers want to be a part of something bigger so addressing integration issues will free up more time so they can work on impactful business initiatives that make a difference.

What Will Help the IT Department Save Time When Systems Don’t ‘Talk’? 

Integration - An LMS must tie-in all the training pieces seamlessly (e.g., content, reporting). This will be a huge factor in reducing the amount of time it takes to do certain tasks.

Automation - Automation is a lifesaver when it comes to saving time. There is no longer a need to do the same manual tasks over and over.

Using Existing Infrastructure - Extending the functionality and building upon what is already used will reduce any bumps in the road when trying to integrate systems.

Customization - Not every system has a straightforward map to integration and sometimes customization is needed. Using an experienced vendor to help 'put the puzzle pieces together' as well as streamline and optimize will be immensely helpful. 

LMS Selection

It's important to have an LMS selection team in place that represents multiple departments and points of view, including IT. Otherwise, the importance of integration capabilities might be overlooked for instance.
Before starting the process of looking for an LMS vendor, it's important to list all the various use cases that it'll be needed for. Really try to expand beyond just features too.
In the case of IT and integration, things to consider might be,
  • What are the tasks needed to achieve by linking systems?
  • Are there other tasks that might be nice to have later down the line?
  • What systems do you want to link and why?
  • What will the flow of data be like and whether triggers or syncing will be used?
When these types of questions are considered it'll be much easier to identify which parts are achievable and which my be hard work or impossible.
It's also important that a business understands as well as any vendors or partners what the necessary processes are, security needs, resources and business objectives. That way better value is provided by applying integrations in line with the business.
Implementing integration is a big bonus when it comes to saving precious IT time. It also speeds up the flow of information and reduces operational costs for the company.
Raise your hand if you would like less disruption and time management issues within your department? If so, then consider a fully integrated training solution.

ShareKnowledge is an award-winning training solution that is flexible, customizable and fully integrated into the entire business ecosystem. Many of our clients come from very complex, highly regulated industries and we understand their specific requirements. No two clients are alike so our experts will come up with a tailored plan that will integrate and optimize training processes in order to achieve the best results.

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