Do You Have Training Problems? A Bad User Experience (UX) Could Be To Blame

Training doesn't have to be problematic with the right LMS

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Do You Have Training Problems? A Bad User Experience (UX) Could Be To Blame

Conducting a training program for your company shouldn’t feel like a maze – lots of dead ends and too many twists and turns to get to the end.

With so many components to training, it’s far too complicated to execute without an LMS. And, if you dare, be prepared to have a very bad user experience.

Even a simple task, like updating a course or SOP, can be a challenge. Where is it located, is it the most up-to-date version, did all training pathways also get updated?

What could be a straight pathway to get your problem solved is now plagued with ping-ponging between multiple people, multiple systems, multiple locations and more.

Is reporting and analytics important and/or required for your industry?

This isn’t generally a fun task but left to do it on your own is more than a bad experience.

Generating a report is time-consuming and job intensive. Do you really want to manually do this monthly or even weekly?
And, the more times you do it the more chances of human error.

This is never a good thing when it comes to staying in compliance with industry regulations.

There are many things that can contribute to a bad user experience when it comes to managing a training program. But, with the right LMS, this can be solved effectively.

So, How Can An LMS Make the User Experience Better?

1. Automation. Nothing is worse than having to do the same monotonous task over and over. An LMS can automate those processes so you can focus on other more important job duties

2. Reporting. Take back your time with an LMS that does reporting for you. With automation and accuracy, it’s a win-win situation for both your business and the auditors that ensure regulations are being followed

3. Centralized Content. The frustration of trying to find a piece of content is over when an LMS utilizes a centralized content management system. Updating courses, ensuring they’re up-to-date etc. is easy and seamless

4. Personalized Learning Paths.The more employees you have the more difficult it is to personalize learning. An LMS can assign the right courses to your employees, no matter if they change jobs, locations or business units
5. Integration. Managing one system is tough enough but multiple systems is next to impossible. Integration in an LMS is essential and can make organizing an effective training program so much easier

The Selection Process

Instead of dreading your training program and the difficulties faced on a regular basis, it’s possible with the right LMS to gain a newfound excitement of the possibilities it can provide to make your job easier.

Before starting the LMS selection process, it’s important to do a thorough analysis of all the trouble areas you’re currently experiencing.

These use cases will be important to provide any potential LMS vendor so they can better understand your needs as well as articulate how they can solve your problem.

It’s not enough to just say ‘I need reporting.’

Think of details that will be helpful to know such as,

• What information will need to be gathered?
• Are there multiple systems involved from HRIS, CRM…etc?
• Who is responsible for creating a report and who needs access to them (e.g., front line managers)?
• How often are reports needed?
• Do you need to see a training status report in real time?

Every company is different and not every LMS will be able to meet your requirements.

The more prepared you are the better you’ll be able to identify the LMS that can not only meet your requirements but make your job easier.

User experience is a very important feature to consider when choosing an LMS. When you can do your job easily and without jumping through hoops to do a simple task, it makes all the difference. Be sure to take these suggestions into consideration when choosing an LMS.

ShareKnowledge is unique in that it is a fully integrated SharePoint LMS and Content Management System. We are fully automated with versioning and automation so you don't have to worry. If you would like more information about how ShareKnowledge can solve your training needs, please click the 'contact us' button to the right and fill out the form.

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