Top Reasons To Utilize An LMS Platform For Corporate Team Training

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Top Reasons To Utilize An LMS Platform For Corporate Team Training

A learning management system (LMS) is a powerful tool to engage employees and corporate teams, deepen their training and engagement, and improve the corporate bottom line.

Having a corporate training platform provides significant advantages in creating consistency and metrics that can be used to measure impact. Here are some of the top reasons to incorporate LMS training into your corporate training and development programs:

1. Flexible and customizable features. Employees learn in different ways and, due to variances in scheduling and work demands, may need to access content from your company training programs at different times. An LMS training program allows employees to access necessary information at the time that works best for them. Additionally, in contrast to in-person sessions, an e-learning system lets employees learn at their own pace.

2. Relevance and immediacy. Corporate training programs can be expensive. Instructors need to be paid, trained and sent to various locations. What’s more, if relevant content changes, updated information can be difficult to disseminate if training is in person. With an LMS, there is no need for in-person instruction. In addition, as content, procedures, regulations or guidelines change, content is easily updated and delivered to those who need it. Training can be done quickly, whether a webinar for sales staff, new safety feature demonstration videos, or verified competency testing.

This efficiency is extremely helpful in several facets: It reduces overall training expenses by eliminating travel, printed material and facility costs.

3. Cross-team comprehension. Corporate collaborations are increasingly the way in which we work today. With work teams spread across various parts of an organization, often in different time zones, bringing disparate team members together for shared training can be logistically daunting — if not impossible.

With LMS social collaboration tools, team members can use shared workspace and virtual connectivity to learn the same information in the identical format, often at the same time. Providing team members with the same knowledge, allowing them to discuss the training as a team, and eliminating barriers to interaction are outstanding tools for improving team dynamics, productivity and outcomes.

4. Incredible analytics. With an LMS for corporate team training, you can track progress, ensure compliance and assess the impact of training on business outcomes. The ability to quantify the efficacy of your corporate training is powerful information both for HR executives and the C-suite.

The ShareKnowledge Advantage

With ShareKnowledge, you have the ability to customize corporate team training and track progress. ShareKnowledge is a SharePoint-based LMS that has intuitive, easy-to-use features for corporate trainers and learners, including:

  • Built-in testing that lets you create tests from banks of thousands of questions, select different answer types, add images and animations, and establish time limits.
  • Learning materials and activities that allow for interlinked tools such as training materials, tests and e-learning courses; personalized learning materials; and SCORM compliance.
  • Role-based interface for learners, instructors, observers and administrators; department-based role management features; and the ability to have multiple roles.
  • Technical integration that includes synchronization with Active Directory; integration with HRIS, Outlook calendar, multiple webinar platforms and other IT systems.
  • Reporting tools including standard and customizable reports; filter and sort features; and available integration with report systems such as SQL and Crystal Reports.
  • Social features that are particularly effective for corporate teams — including connectivity, sharing and organization tools.


ShareKnowledge is a dynamic, comprehensive corporate LMS. With 250,000 users on five continents, ShareKnowledge is a proven leader in LMS technology. With more than 20 years of e-learning experience, ShareKnowledge helps companies large and small deliver training and improve their bottom lines.

To learn more and discover all the benefits of ShareKnowledge, request a demo today.

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