Top Corporate LMS Market Trends

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Top Corporate LMS Market Trends

The future of global learning management systems (LMS) has never been brighter. According to market research firm MarketsandMarkets, growth in the LMS market worldwide is predicted to jump from $5.22 billion in 2016 to more than $15 billion by 2024. In the firm’s comprehensive, mid-2016 report, two areas of growth were highlighted:

  • With ongoing changes in technology and an increasing need to properly train employees, corporate LMS in IT and telecommunications will continue “at the highest growth rate due to increasing need for seamless training and development of their workforce.”
  • Businesses in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are increasingly turning to LMS to gain a better return on investment in developing talent, training employees and “receiving quantifiable business outcomes.” Technology-based learning opportunities are considered more cost-effective in this fast-growing market.

LMS applications in human resources

Increasingly, corporations are broadening e-learning applications to include key HR functions such as onboarding and benefits administration. Cloud-based LMS tools enable large and small businesses alike to improve on a wide range of HR processes, from talent management to maintaining updated (and fully compliant) employee training and records. 

In this respect, Microsoft’s SharePoint — with advanced, built-in tools for social collaboration, functionality and content permissions — “offers the ideal foundation for an HR learning management system.” This explains why, according to Learning Solutions Magazine, the product reached $1 billion in sales faster than any other Microsoft offering “and shows no signs of slowing down.”

LMS trends in the corporate setting

While academic LMS usage remains strong, it’s in the corporate realm that new trends are most often emerging:

Social media. Increasing numbers of social media platforms are being incorporated into learning management systems to boost collaboration among followers and to support new learning initiatives.

Gamification. Tools that leverage entertainment and friendly competition are being added to learning management systems, in an effort to attract millennial employees and others who have grown up with video games. Gamification — as, for example, using challenges to inspire creative thinking or adding leaderboards to track progress among learners — is seen as boosting participation both in corporate settings and academic institutions.

ShareKnowledge as a pathway to LMS 

Is your company keeping pace with LMS trends? This may well emerge as the competitive differentiator in years to come.

ShareKnowledge — integrated with SharePoint and functioning as one of its components — is designed for use in business, supporting a wide range of educational scenarios. With a companywide SharePoint portal as its foundation, corporate learning can become an integral part of your organization’s daily operations.

Additionally, the ShareKnowledge integrated LMS solution can support standalone courses as well as more complex training scenarios. This approach offers full control over employee training by the instructor and manager.


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