Utilize teams to create an effective SOP

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Utilize teams to create an effective SOP

Another day, another standard operating procedure to create and implement, right?  Rules, protocols, regulations, statutes — no matter which way you say it, an SOP is crucial in order to stay compliant or face steep consequences.

The good news is that creating an SOP doesn’t have to fall on any one person’s shoulders but rather utilizing a team can actually strengthen your efforts. And, doing it in SharePoint is the icing on the cake!

Having multiple people from various departments chime in on a standard operating procedure provides the dimension needed to produce a thoroughly written document. The team ideally should be comprised of those that will perform the job or provide maintenance, engineers, technical writers, environmental personnel, vendors, suppliers, contractors and the like.

Benefits of team writing a standard operating procedure

  • Applying a broad skill-set and knowledge from various people in the organization provides varying perspectives that can be applied to the standard operating procedure.
  • The more team members working on an SOP, the more buy-in there will be. This increases the likelihood that it will be implemented because there is ownership on behalf of the writers.
  • A train-the-trainer philosophy acknowledges that the people writing the material are more knowledgeable about the SOP and therefore more likely to be effective trainers to the rest of the organization.
  • By including multiple people from a variety of departments, it ensures that when new and modified processes are implemented, someone goes back and updates the standard operating procedure.

SharePoint workflows for standard operating procedure success

Now, before your fear and anxiety takes over from the thought of multiple versions of an SOP getting passed between emails or uploaded in various locations, consider using workflows in SharePoint to make the process smooth and stress-free.

SharePoint reigns supreme when it comes to collaboration and the task of creating a standard operating procedure is a pretty simple feat.

First and foremost, uploading a SOP in a SharePoint library provides the security of knowing that only the most up-to-date version is available. Multiple people can access and make edits to the document while never leaving the system. This, of course, is a major plus for your team who now has the flexibility to provide their input at a time that is convenient for them.

The whole point of utilizing a SharePoint workflow is to streamline and automate the SOP creation process in order to save time and effort as well as provide consistency and efficiency. 

There are several workflows within SharePoint to choose from that will assist with a variety of tasks including approval, feedback, collection of signatures or tracking a project through multiple phases.  Because SharePoint has created these workflows as templates, all that is needed to get started is to choose an option that best fits your needs and fill out the initiation form. If customization is needed, a tool like SharePoint Designer can assist.

No doubt, a well-written standard operating procedure involves multiple people from various departments within a company. But, there is no need to let the stress of too many cooks in the kitchen get to you with SharePoint workflows – a system designed to support business efficiency and productivity, so that workers can focus on the document at hand rather than managing a complex workflow.

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