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SOP Compliance Solutions

The risks associated with a compliance breach can wreak havoc on a company’s reputation as well as hit them in the pocket book. In fact, highly regulated industries like health care have received record-setting fines for regulatory noncompliance in the last several years.

An article published by the Brandon Hall Group found that even though companies ranked compliance as extremely important, less than 50 percent felt prepared for a compliance audit.

There is a way to implement an SOP management system that will spare your company from any major compliance issues. SharePoint offers a complete system that can manage even the toughest compliance requirements within highly regulated industries.

SharePoint follows stringent compliance requirements

Businesses, particularly those within highly regulated industries, must comply with CFR 21, Part 11 and GAMP5 requirements as they relate to electronic records. One area that may not be as clear is how SharePoint fits into these guidelines and what role it plays in compliance.

SharePoint is a configurable application and is considered a Category 4 type system as defined in GAMP5. Some of the key SharePoint features that align with tough regulatory standards include:

  • Integration with Active Directory - SharePoint integrates with active directory to ensure only authorized accounts can access the system.
  • Preventing Unauthorized Users - SharePoint prevents unauthorized users from getting into certain areas of the system where electronic records are created and maintained. 
  • Restricted Access to System Administration - For further safety, SharePoint can restrict the rights to the system administration by setting up security groups or permissions.
  • Data Records are Fully Protected - SharePoint can protect data records from deletion and enable their accurate retrieval.

A centralized SOP content management system closes any compliance loopholes

Unfortunately, students don’t remember about 70 percent of what they learn within 24 hours of a training experience. So, it makes sense that they will have questions about a policy or procedure and need to reference it. Do they know where to look? 

SharePoint is a great solution so that employees no longer have to search through email inbox folders or cluttered share drives for information. All SOPS can be organized in one central location. 

Key Benefits:

- Minimize errors by filing all SOPs under one roof to safeguard that only the most up-to-date version is available.
- Never lose a record with SOPs stored in a centralized policy management system.
- Reduce email clutter and avoid confusion by sending links to SharePoint files instead of attachments so all parties are reading from the correct version of the SOP document.
- Find an SOP quickly with SharePoint’s advanced metadata search capabilities.

Make sure everything is sealed airtight with version control, workflows and auditing

Noticing every detail is imperative when it comes to compliance. A business that gets in trouble by regulators will have a little less to worry about when their SOP’s are managed in SharePoint. This is a result of thorough workflows, versioning and audits that ensure companies can pull whatever file they need, when they need it.

Key Benefits:

- Satisfy auditors and compliance officers with a single, easy to search database of policies and procedures. Meet regulations with all versions and records in one place.
- You always have a clear picture of how your documents evolved with versioning in SharePoint. 
- Workflows make collaboration easy as pie. They can be utilized for new SOPs, versions, revisions, updates and retirement of the document.
- Maintain control with permissioned views of SOP documents.

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