SharePoint SCORM Compliance and Increased LMS Functionality

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SharePoint SCORM Compliance and Increased LMS Functionality

Elearning has grown by leaps and bounds and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, analysts have estimated that is has grown by 21 percent in the last year and accounts for over $50 billion in revenue. With that said, any in-the-know training specialist knows all too well about SCORM compliance and the role it plays in elearning. 

SCORM compliance is an absolute must in the world of elearning. Why? Because it saves oodles of time so as not to continually be reinventing the wheel. Nobody has time for that, right? Essentially, when an elearning course is deemed SCORM compliant, this means that it can be played on any learning management system.

And why would you want it to play on any LMS?

Well, it’s simple - time and cost savings. Given the fact that research by Bersin Deloitte (August 2014) shows that 61 percent of companies plan on replacing their learning management platform in the next 18 months, it would be detrimental to your training efforts if elearning courses couldn't be repurposed.

This brings us to a question that we hear all the time at ShareKnowledge:

Our content management is deeply rooted within SharePoint. And, since SharePoint has many learning management system features conducive to training, we are curious to know if SharePoint is SCORM compliant?

This is a great question. SharePoint as an LMS can be used for simple training needs such as content management, collaboration and compliance to name a few. However, on its own, it does not meet SCORM compliance requirements.

But, what if we told you that you could extend the functionality of your SharePoint deployment? Even better, what if we told you that there is also a solution to bridge the gap between your SharePoint environment and an LMS? SharePoint Connector provides a complete solution and can be customized to your training needs, including SCORM compliance.

We understand that every business has unique requirements. Maybe you already have an LMS that for the most part you are happy with, but there are a few glitches that could be ironed out. This is the perfect example of how ShareKnowledge Connector can help fill in the blanks – whether your needs require additional tracking, better compliance capabilities or easy to configure metrics and reporting.

What if you love your SharePoint but need it to work better (i.e. SCORM compliance). ShareKnowledge Connector can bring your SharePoint environment up to speed and be fully SCORM compliant as well as add a host of training specific features including instructor-led training management, customized learning paths, learning trajectory management, auto reminders/notification and hosting webinars within SharePoint to name a few.

ShareKnowledge Connector can easily integrate with ERP solutions and most other systems. Its unique PowerSync™ feature provides an integration solution that seamlessly "talks" to other systems and can utilize your organizational data, HRIS and Active Directory. For example, an organization can take advantage of ShareKnowledge Connector for specialized tracking and reporting and then easily push that data back to their LMS in an automated, simple manner.

With highly flexible permissions and control, ShareKnowledge Connector can be the LMS extension your organization is looking for – from automating the team onboarding process to meeting team level development objectives. All of this and more can be achieved without interfering with your existing LMS permissions and control.

ShareKnowledge Connector has seamlessly operated with other learning management systems including SumTotal, Cornerstone, SuccessFactors and more.

Yes, the elearning industry is a red, hot market which means that SCORM compliance will continue to play an important piece of the puzzle. It will also be critical for elearning to play nice with all systems because as Bersin Deloitte predicts in their latest research report, learning platforms are in a replacement cycle. With all the newest features available, companies with older systems are eager to upgrade. Whether you need your SharePoint or current LMS to work better or need a whole new system, ShareKnowledge Connector can provide the perfect solution.

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