SharePoint Learning Management System Benefits

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SharePoint Learning Management System Benefits

At a very basic level and foundational to learning management system (LMS) functionality, are work flow and collaboration. These are the very strengths of Microsoft® SharePoint®.

Given the growth in SharePoint deployments, exceeding more than a $2 billion in revenue, the timing is right to build and deploy enterprise-class applications that use the power of SharePoint services.

Until ShareKnowledge SharePoint learning management system, there has not been a corporate LMS available based on Microsoft SharePoint (2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online in Office 365) that is specifically designed for corporate workflows and to meet the needs of corporate trainers and HR professionals.

But that's not the only reason we chose to base our LMS on SharePoint. We know we can help companies like yours, accomplish several goals at once:

  1. Leverage your investment in SharePoint.
  2. Integrate with IT infrastructure and management systems.
  3. Reinforce ROI metrics of your SharePoint investment.
  4. Offer unmatched scalability, extensibility and customization.
  5. Maximize value and results from your annual spend on training and development, while reducing overall costs.
  6. Improve information worker productivity.
  7. Deliver advanced functionality through a familiar, comfortable and compelling user experience.

Leverage your SharePoint investment with our SharePoint Learning Management System solution

Realize all the benefits that SharePoint provides – flexibility, scalability, improved productivity, integration with other systems, add-on capabilities, and more – being available in your SharePoint learning management system solution. This is arguably the number one benefit of investing in an LMS that is built on SharePoint – you can capitalize on all these benefits available with the SharePoint platform.  

Reinforce your SharePoint investment

As you continue to structure your company systems and communication processes in the SharePoint environment by way of intranets, extranets, and internet solutions, ShareKnowledge LMS integrates all your employee training and development with it, reinforcing your business processes. This benefits the end-user, your employee, because it uses the SharePoint interface.

Maximize value and results from your training investments

You can launch the much needed learning management system for all of your training and development programs, and at the same time lower your company’s overall spend on in-person training by incorporating e-Learning. Additionally, you can lower LMS costs significantly overall – such as acquisition, maintenance and per-employee costs. With training budgets still pinched, ShareKnowledge LMS is a more cost-effective solution compared with other LMS's available today.

Integrate your LMS solution with IT infrastructure and management

Don't duplicate infrastructure. Rather, leverage your existing server architecture and systems. Take advantage of your Active Directory policies and standards, use your established authentication and security processes. We recommend you avoid the standalone (aka. siloed or monolithic) LMS applications and use your existing IT Systems Framework to provide your LMS a common ground for interoperability standards, availability and operations. ShareKnowledge has architected it's SharePoint learning management system to provide best-in-class interoperability and integration into your Microsoft environment. In integrates with Microsoft Office and Exchange and synchronizes with your HR systems, such as SAP, PeopleSoft and corporate CRM tools, automatically updating it with the most up-to-date information about your company's organizational structure. Of course, you can deploy ShareKnowledge either on premise or through a SharePoint hosting partner. 

Offer unmatched LMS extensibility and customization

Not only can you customize it, you can brand it, build on it, and add to it. All are great reasons to choose ShareKnowledge LMS. Thousands of other Microsoft or 3rd party web-parts are available on the SharePoint foundation that can provide additional layers of functionality to your LMS. While ShareKnowledge is a great ready-to-use LMS, you may want to take an add-on approach. This allows us to focus on core LMS functionality while you look to additional options in other the areas, such as collaboration, business intelligence, analytics, or social networking. This makes ShareKnowledge LMS very extensible and customizable without unnecessary complexity. 

Improve information worker productivity

ShareKnowledge LMS provides significant advantages for e-Learning Professionals, HR administrators, and Managers to take control and manage the company’s training initiatives. Its role-based design provides the appropriate people with the power they need to drive and manage the e-Learning process. From creating learning plans and course to assignment distribution, publishing content, and reporting — each function of the learning management system was designed around the needs of the business and end-user (learner) experience. The results for your employees are increased productivity, compliance, performance, and product knowledge.

Deliver advanced functionality through a familiar, comfortable user interface

ShareKnowledge utilizes the familiar user interface of SharePoint that has been drastically improved in the new version. If you have developed a custom SharePoint look and feel for your corporate or training environment, ShareKnowledge will present itself to your users with that graphic identity. ShareKnowledge fits in. It supports Microsoft Office file formats, multi-media content in addition to SCORM e-Learning standards, and is compatible with multiple browsers and platforms. Your employees can access your training on any platform from anywhere, as long as they can connect to the internet and upload a browser window.


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