SharePoint-Based LMS: Key Benefits For HR Pros

Why learning administrators should choose a SharePoint LMS!

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SharePoint-Based LMS: Key Benefits For HR Pros

Learning management systems (LMS) are on track to generate more than $2.5 billion in revenue this year. According to Market Wired, the market is also undergoing a positive shift as companies make the move to cloud-based solutions. Along with a need for better access, however, HR departments are also looking for ways to improve the ground-floor functionality of LMS tools. The result? An uptick in Microsoft SharePoint LMS solutions — here's a look at some of the key benefits.

Why LMS?

It's no surprise that LMS adoption is on the rise. As noted by eLearning Industry, leveraging a learning management system can help centralize compliance procedures, improve collaboration and enhance employee retention. What's more, cloud-based LMS tools make it possible for both large and small businesses to reap these benefits. Human resources (HR) LMS, meanwhile, offers a way to not only improve processes, such as talent management, but help ensure that employee training and records handling are both up to date and follow mandated compliance standards.

The Rise of SharePoint

Microsoft's SharePoint was designed as a content management solution with solid collaborative and reporting features. According to Learning Solutions Magazine, the product reached $1 billion faster than any other Microsoft offering and continues to enjoy substantial growth. However, SharePoint can do more than just manage content; built-in social collaboration, single sign-on functionality and content level permissions offer the ideal foundation for an HR learning management system. 

Choosing a SharePoint-based LMS

Why choose a SharePoint-based LMS if that's not the original intent of the tool? There are several notable advantages. First up? All custom LMS solutions came from somewhere — most are based on content or collaboration management systems, and are simply re-imagined as proprietary offerings with one or two unique features. Leveraging SharePoint solutions gives you access to software that's not only extremely popular and well-supported, but still enjoys regular feature and security updates.

Choosing a SharePoint solution also grants access to the entire Microsoft ecosystem. For example, HR pros can use SharePoint Designer to create custom tests or integrate with SQL services to provide detailed LMS reports.

Beyond Microsoft

Ultimately, however, SharePoint was not designed as an LMS, and HR departments may find themselves struggling to develop comprehensive management training programs, even with available add-on features. The popularity of this tool, however, has led to the development of custom SharePoint deployments designed to offer the ideal combination of form and function.

At ShareKnowledge, we created the first SharePoint-based LMS to which not only offers complete Microsoft integration, but provides built-in testing, assessments, a SharePoint-style interface, and LMS tools tied directly to your HRIS and active directory. You get the best of both worlds: maximum return on your SharePoint investment and a flexible LMS that meets the changing needs of HR professionals.

Ready to raise the bar on HR LMS? Start with ShareKnowledge to re-imagine your corporate training mandate.


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