New report solves construction industry challenges

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New report solves construction industry challenges

The construction industry is on the rise and the US Dept. of Labor projects that it will grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. But, despite this exciting news, 70 percent of contractors say that they are having a difficult time finding qualified workers to fill these growing positions. Training will play a vital role for these industries and ShareKnowledge’s matrix reporting feature tackles the unique challenges faced by this segment of the workforce.

The heavy industrial and construction industry require all kinds of skills with special equipment such as excavators, dozers, crane and riggers to name a few. This requires extensive training and updated certifications.

In traditional learning scenarios, a worker in a certain job position will generally be assigned training courses that correspond to that role. Often times in heavy industrial and field work situations it is exactly the opposite. They will have a situation such as “I need someone to weld a part as soon as possible” and then they’ll ask themselves “which one of my employees is the closest to being able to do that job?”

Because there is a high turnover rate in blue collar jobs and lack of skilled candidates, this scenario has become the norm. Managers in these industries need to see who is where within their constantly evolving training matrix.


The Matrix Report feature in ShareKnowledge provides the answer to this problem. With a simple click of the button, managers can essentially compare training gaps to a job someone doesn’t do yet.

In addition, they can compare a person to any specific set of trainings by category or specific hand-selected courses. Even better, they can also see data like pending or upcoming expirations or renewal dates and if someone’s training has already expired or past due.

The heavy industrial and construction industry is applauding the matrix reporting feature provided by ShareKnowledge. It provides the needed clarity to see what staff members can do a job or are very close to hit the ground running in a particular role. In a fast-paced environment, it is essential in order to be as efficient as possible.


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