Selecting an LMS: Updated Software Versions & Feature Sets

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Selecting an LMS: Updated Software Versions & Feature Sets

Choosing an LMS and implementing it comes with its own challenges. But, it doesn’t stop there. It’s important to think about the continuing support of an LMS such as updating software versions.

Bypassing this crucial detail in the LMS selection process could result in additional costs and staff hours.

Not to mention, if the LMS doesn’t have regular updates, you’ll be the proud owner of an outdated system that is no longer useful.

An outdated LMS is a big reason why companies choose to replace it with another system every few years. This can cause a significant investment in cost, time and potential disruption to your organization.

An LMS should be a helpful tool for the training and productivity of your employees – it shouldn’t slow you down or get in the way.

It’s important for your LMS of choice to have regular software updates. If not, this opens the door for huge security risks and means you’ll miss out on improved functionality, too.

So, what should I know about software updates and an LMS?

Software updates are a given with any system. But, they are necessary.

Depending on the LMS system, there could be a huge discrepancy between software updates that are a breeze and those that are chaotic, time-consuming and generally a bad experience.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind that will help avoid this situation:

  • Existing IT Infrastructure. An LMS that ‘plays nice’ with your existing IT infrastructure will make for an easier, seamless software update process. Staff in charge of updates will also have the benefit of familiarity.
  • Product Roadmap. It’s important to know not only what features an LMS has but also what the plans are for feature development. In order to access those new features, be sure to ask what kind of upgrade costs, if any, are involved.
  • Scalability. A scalable LMS will continue to accommodate your business as you grow, saving you the time, effort, and resources it would take to find and implement an entirely new LMS.
  • Customization. In order to not get outdated, an LMS should be able to be tailored to your specific training needs. Is it easy or difficult for IT staff to implement these changes?
  • Integration. As times and needs change, integration is essential. Implementation of an LMS and any updates it has should be non-disruptive to your business. Utilizing your existing technology will help avoid lengthy, complex updates. 


The Selection Process

The IT team has their hands full making sure all software for your business is up and running. It’s important when looking for an LMS to not only consider current features but also to understand the process of software updates and what that entails.

Software updates are a critical piece of the LMS puzzle.

If an LMS hasn’t been updated within a year or two, it’s simply not keeping up with what is going on in your industry. You can do better.

Every time the software is updated it incorporates new user-requested features and also provides security patches for any issues that may have arisen.

During the selection process, ask a few simple questions regarding features and software updates:

  • How frequently do you update the software?
  • What is the process for installing updates and upgrades?
  • What will it cost you to get upgrades?
  • Will the IT staff need specialized training to maintain the LMS once it’s installed?
  • Will we be able to integrate other tools and technologies into the platform?
  • Do they have plans to improve or upgrade the LMS platform?

Just as with any software, an LMS will fall behind in security and functionality if not properly upgraded. As your business changes, your LMS should also grow and change with the times. However, it shouldn’t be a big ordeal. Software updates should be hassle-free with minimal service disruption. Software updates and features sets should be at the top of your list when choosing an LMS.

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