Selecting an LMS: Scalability

What happens when your needs change but your LMS doesn't adapt?

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Selecting an LMS: Scalability

The ability to scale is an important feature of a Learning Management System. If an LMS isn’t able to grow with your business, there could be dire consequences.

One obvious issue is the inability to add more learners to the system in a fast, efficient way. 

This is a huge and stressful roadblock. 

Your employees are the foundation and success of your business. If they aren’t learning and evolving, neither is your business.

Naturally, when a business grows this equates to more customers, more data and more resources.

It’s a costly nuisance to discover that an LMS that worked sufficiently with a limited amount of users – crashes under the pressure of 10,000+ learners all over the world.

If your organization is unprepared to handle these increases, you lose efficiency and business agility – key factors to stay competitive in your industry.

Financially speaking, scalability is also critical.

A system that does not scale could wind up costing your business a lot of money. Payroll could be exceeded if the IT department are tasked to fix the issue or, if not solved, you could be faced with buying another LMS all together.

An LMS should fit the needs of your organization now as well as tomorrow.

What makes an LMS scalable and adaptable? 

When selecting an LMS, it’s important to look for features that promote growth and adaptability such as,

  • Users. An LMS should be able to tolerate a large number of users accessing the system at the same time, from all over the world, without delays.
  • Data. The ability to handle a large amount of data is imperative to scalability.
  • Administrative. As the system grows, it’s important that different branches of an organization can access the LMS in order to get the information they need.
  • Integrations. An LMS will never operate independently, especially as a business grows, so having integration capabilities is crucial so it can link with systems such as a CRM or HRIS.
  • Automation. With growth comes more work and processes. Automation features help streamline and removes the stress of managing a long list of tasks.

The Selection Process

Choosing a system that can change and adapt to the growing needs of your learning initiatives will be a key component in your organization’s growth.

A scalable LMS will continue to accommodate your business as you grow, saving time, effort, and resources it would take to find and implement an entirely new LMS.

When it comes to scalability, it’s important to know exactly what your business needs are.

  • Does you need an LMS that is built for corporate or an educational environment?

    Most LMS systems will have their core niche in the market – corporate, educational or human resources. An LMS designed for corporate use can handle a user range of 80,000+ while other systems can manage not more than 5-10,000 users effectively. If the system is human resource focused, there is an even greater chance that the learning aspect is very small and limited in scope.

  • Does your business have simple or complex needs?

    Some companies will always have very simple learning needs. But, if there is any chance down the road this might change, it’s imperative to factor in scalability into an LMS. This allows for more complex workflows and the capacity to handle more data that comes along with multiple organizational units and very complex needs.

Every business knows that to stay competitive, it’s important to be agile. The faster a company can make changes, whether in learning or other business processes, the more competitive they’ll be.

Scalability in an LMS plays a vital role in the future success of your business and contributes to competitiveness, efficiency, reputation and quality. And, it should be one of the top considerations when evaluating a learning system.

ShareKnowledge is designed specifically for the needs of corporations. In fact, we built our solution on SharePoint because of its unmatched scalability, extensibility and customization options.  To learn more about how we can solve your learning needs, please fill out the form.



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