Reporting just got better with ShareKnowledge

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Reporting just got better with ShareKnowledge

Reporting is a very important piece of the LMS puzzle which is why ShareKnowledge is constantly adding new features. With the launch of ShareKnowledge version 6.0, they introduced two new types of reports – Question Level Report and Management Hierarchy Report.

ShareKnowledge already boasts extensive reporting features that customers have grown accustomed to. These capabilities let trainers see how training is progressing within their team and what results learners are obtaining.

You name it, there is a report for it. From fast and basic reports to custom ad hoc reports that are as easy as three simple clicks. Reporting in ShareKnowledge is even accessible for integration with any external reporting like SQL reporting services.

Now, let’s take a look at the latest features added to ShareKnowledge reports:

Question Level Report

The Question Level Report is an exciting new feature that is very important for clients. Now, they are able to dive much deeper into the analytics of their training. Not only can they assess how well learners did but also assess the test itself.

As an example, let’s say you create a quiz and assign it to 50 people. In traditional reporting, you can see high level information like how many people passed and how many failed. This is great, but wouldn’t you like to see more?

With ShareKnowledge Question-Level reporting, you can actually see how many people got question #5 wrong for instance. Now, if everyone is getting that same question wrong than there is a high chance there is something wrong with the question and you can reword it next time. If the results show a mixed bag, trainers can decide whether it’s something that can be addressed with more training or change the wording, or implement both.

This report includes information about question texts, question types, correct answers, user answers and statistics on user answers for each attempt.

Management Hierarchy Report 

Another report added to ShareKnowledge’s portfolio of reporting options is the Management Hierarchy Report.

This report provides an easy way for trainers or administration to check the enrollment rules so that they can make sure course mappings and assignments meet their requirements. So, essentially, course access and assignments are given to the right people.

Now, this is not always the case for other LMS reporting because unless there is actually someone with a certain title or role, you wouldn’t see it on the report. With ShareKnowledge, you can see it whether there is someone in the role or not. So, in the future, if you hire someone in that role they will already have their course mapping set.


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