Introducing new features with ShareKnowledge 4.0

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Introducing new features with ShareKnowledge 4.0

ShareKnowledge LMS version 4.0 is here! We’re excited to announce the release of this new version, and we’ve been working long and hard to create its features and functionality. This latest version is more versatile and user-friendly than ever.
You already know that ShareKnowledge provides your organization with the training that your learners need, all utilized via the proven Microsoft SharePoint platform. Now ShareKnowledge is even better, with new features and upgraded functionality exclusive to version 4.0. Check out just a few of the enhancements included:
  • Tie your ShareKnowledge learning calendar to Microsoft Outlook
  • Adjust settings to receive different email notifications for training courses, registration deadlines, and follow-up
  • Schedule courses in multiple timeframes, even many months in advance
  • Provide learners with enhanced personal, hierarchical course catalogs
  • Manage course wait lists to ensure 100% attendance for every session
  • Provide learners with certificates immediately upon completion of a course and/or assessment
  • And so much more!
Of course, all the benefits of ShareKnowledge that you’ve grown to love are still available, such as the familiar SharePoint platform, single sign-on for learners, and managing course prerequisites.
Now, ShareKnowledge LMS is even better with the improved version 4.0. We invite you to view a demo and explore all the functionality and features now available. 


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