Managers can't access LMS data what does that mean for the ceo?

without data it’s impossible to see an accurate picture of exactly how learning has impacted business requirements and objectives

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Managers can’t access LMS data…what does that mean for the CEO?

The whole point of training programs is to develop your workforce which will in turn better your business. But, if managers can’t access LMS data, this is detrimental for the CEO.




Because, without data it’s impossible to see an accurate picture of exactly how learning has impacted business requirements and objectives.

As a result, you put yourself at risk of losing a competitive edge against rivals when you’re always one step behind.

It’s important to stay on top, in real time, of training program analytics but when data is difficult to access it causes major delays and frustration.

For instance, at any given time, an executive should be able to quickly find out whether or not an employee is trained and ready to work on a piece of equipment and/or who should be assigned additional training.


Being able to access this essential data in real time provides the ability to improve efficiency and operations, as well as reducing compliance risk and fines/lawsuits that come along with it.


Not only is it important to have access to the data but you also need the right data. This is where lack of LMS customization capabilities become a problem.


Reporting is crucial for the CEO in order to make the right decisions for the success of their business. So, accessing data within an LMS must be quick and easy to get to for all parties involved.



So, what improves the ability to access training data within an LMS?

  1. Permissions. First and foremost, if managers aren’t able to access data within an LMS, it is most likely caused by lack of permissions. Be sure that everybody who needs access for reporting, has it.
  2. Integration. Not all data for reports is within the LMS so it’s imperative that the appropriate other business systems are integrated with an LMS. This will make pulling data much easier and quicker.
  3. Dashboards. Dashboards make it especially easy for a CEO to quickly see the most important data in real time. This is an important reporting feature to have.
  4. Customization. Managers should not have to struggle to get the right data for reports. With easy customization they can quickly assemble a report for the CEO.
  5. Automation. And lastly, automating reporting for managers makes it easy and consistent, so everybody’s data expectations are met like clockwork.

During the LMS selection process, keep these features top of mind while exploring additional requirements.

The Selection Process

Reporting is a very important aspect of an LMS, but never more so than for the CEO. Yet, only about 8 percent feel they truly see the business impact of learning programs (1).

That is why it’s so critical that managers can access the right data for reporting in order to convey this decision making information to the CEO and open their eyes to the positive impact of learning programs.

During the selection process, be sure to take into consideration the features mentioned in the previous section. This will ensure that anybody who is in charge of running reports has access to it when they need it.

Reports and data is often associated with complexity but it shouldn’t be. Data should be accessed quickly and easily.

And lastly, all CEO’s want to see the ‘big picture’ so a report must follow these guidelines and requirements. When evaluating an LMS, think about how it will fit into your business ecosystem and not just as a stand-alone software system.

If you’re currently using SharePoint and want an LMS with robust reporting features, ShareKnowledge might be a good option for your business. To learn more about our unique advantage point to corporate training, please fill out the form and we’ll be in contact soon.

 1.   Taylor, Tess. (February 7, 2017). The learning disconnect: Only 8% of CEOs see L&D business impact.


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