Latest ShareKnowledge Release 4.6.3

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Latest ShareKnowledge Release 4.6.3

The bulk of updates in this release revolve around courses. Here is how we’ve improved the features in the course category:

1) Creating a new course is streamlined. Instructors can now create new courses based off ones that have already been created. This means you can copy enrollment rules, personal assignments, prerequisites, course instructors and other options to a new course and allows for setting a different due date. 

2) No more confusion with ‘course expired’ feature. The instructor can set a course to ‘expired’ or if the course expiration setting has been reached, the course will NOT show up in the Learning Catalog. The learner can however complete unfinished attempts but a new attempt cannot be started. 

3) Interruptions won’t get in the way of finishing a test. Do you get interrupted while trying to do your work? Same goes for taking a test which is why SharKnowledge added the ‘interrupt’ button to grading pages. The button allows interrupting attempts that have been started, but are not finished or submitted for grading yet. The interrupt button is also available for compound courses.


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