Helpful LMS hints to ensure C-suite executives get the reporting they want

Cross analyzing data from all sources will help unveil the 'big picture'

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Helpful LMS hints to ensure C-suite executives get the reporting they want

As a learning administrator, you have specific reporting requirements that provide helpful information such as who has finished a course or not.

However, reporting does not start and end with just the learning administrator’s needs.


In order to make key business decisions and stay competitive, the C-suite of executives within your organization must be provided with additional reporting.

And guess who’s in charge of getting this info to them? You.

From chief executive officer (CEO) to chief financial officer (CFO) to chief operations officer (COO), all the way to the chief marketing officer (CMO) and chief compliance officer (CCO) — each of these top level executives will want a different report that will give a snapshot of keys areas as it pertains to learning objectives and its impact on the company.

Can your LMS pull the right data in a fast, efficient way?

This is a big issue with some LMSs and should be addressed during the selection process. Because, without this info, you could be putting your business one solid foot behind the nearest competitor. And, this is never a place your business wants to be.

In addition, learning administrators have traditionally had trouble conveying the value of learning programs and this could be a result of a disconnect between departments.

While learning administrators are reporting on who has or hasn’t taken a course, executives are wanting key metrics on revenue, customers, operations and regulations, for instance.

So, the goal is to provide reporting that executives want without the LMS becoming a roadblock.



So, what makes it easier to get the reporting executives want?

  1. Detailed Data. Data is the name of the game when it comes to what executives want. The more data, the better. An LMS must be able to easily provide very detailed information for optimal reporting..
  2. Integration. In order for executives to see the ‘big picture’, you must be able to integrate with other crucial business systems such as talent management, CRM, HRIS and quality control database.
  3. Dashboards. Dashboards are a favorite of C-suite executives because they provide data in real time, they’re easy to read and provide actionable information.
  4. Customization. One size fits all reporting will not work for the needs of executives. Whatever information is needed must be readily available and configured into a report from the LMS.
  5. Automation. There’s no question that top level executives will want a regular report whether it be weekly, monthly or quarterly. An LMS should be able to set up customized reports that are automated to deliver to the right people without a fuss.

During the LMS selection process, keep these features top of mind while exploring additional requirements.

The Selection Process

When it comes to LMS selection, it’s important that reporting for all stakeholders, including the executive suite, is considered.

Because, it’s not a matter of if they’ll ask for customized reporting, but a matter of when.

Being prepared from the beginning will be a key to your success.

A good LMS will not limit but rather boost your ability to not only collect data but make it easier to connect the dots in order to deliver on the business metrics that matter.

For instance, an LMS like ShareKnowledge, simplifies the reporting process by collecting highly detailed training data that is then displayed in an easy to understand dashboard format. With a little customization, the ability to cross analyze the results with other data sources, like Salesforce, can then be added.

Choosing an LMS that provides reporting that executives want requires a change in mindset. Think about the information they track regularly and then tie in how training effects those areas that are meaningful to them.

For example,
Customers. This is an area that executives follow closely especially in the areas of satisfaction, retention and complaints.

A report that would be useful to executives would be on retention rates before and after taking a course on empathy. Or, satisfaction and retention before and after a course on problem-solving.

Operations. Common C-Suite KPIs include scrap costs, defect rates and production cycle times.

Reporting that L&D could provide as an example would be scrap costs before and after Lean Management training. Or, cycle times before and after a specific course is taken.

Revenue. This will always be a big concern for any top level executive.
An example of a report that they would want to see that an LMS should be able to provide would be sales $$/salesperson before and after a Sales Effectiveness course.

Providing reports that c-suite executives want also help solve the problem of them not seeing the value of training.

When you take the time to find an LMS that provides thorough reporting features, you’ll reap the benefits of earning executive buy-in for your hard work in training employees.

According to Prosci, a leading Change Management organization, projects with effective sponsorship are 3.5 times more likely to meet or exceed project objectives than projects with ineffective sponsorship.

Project results matter to executives. So, gaining a sponsor in the C-suite should, therefore, be critical not only to drive the success of L&D programs but also to drive the success of the entire enterprise.

Reporting is one of the most critical features to look for in an LMS. And, it’s especially important for the C-suite executives in your business to get the information they need. Great reporting provides rich, detailed information that is easy to pull quickly. Keep these hints top of mind during the selection process.

If you’re currently using SharePoint and want an LMS with robust reporting features, ShareKnowledge might be a good option for your business. To learn more about our unique advantage point to corporate training, please fill out the form and we’ll be in contact soon.


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