Four steps to simplify your workspace with SharePoint

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Four steps to simplify your workspace with SharePoint

Do you ever feel like you need to clone yourself in order to get everything done at work? This seems to be the trend in corporate America these days, where there is no line between work life and personal life. Software that enables the ability to work anytime, anywhere offers convenience and increased productivity, but with that comes a price. A new article in the Huffington Post argues that 2015 will be about simplifying the workplace and ‘mindfulness’ will be all the rage.

One of the biggest stressors in the workplace are complicated business processes, like employee training. And, as a result, this can lead to added stress, lowered productivity, engagement and morale.

Recent data shows that there is a concern by companies regarding employee retention and talent management. By addressing this issue and evaluating current systems as well as finding ways to simplify will benefit your employees and help them do their job better.

Did you know that the average employee utilizes on average five different systems at work? Different login information, passwords and interfaces to remember — this in itself can raise anybody’s blood pressure. 

If you want to create a more Zen-like workspace, consider using business software, like SharePoint, to its fullest extent. A good example is that SharePoint is directly tied to active directory. Because of this, your staff can easily log in using the same information they use every morning to access their computer. And, as a bonus, SharePoint is configured very similar to other Microsoft Office products so users can easily navigate the system.

Here are additional ways to use SharePoint in order to streamline learning processes for optimal efficiency:

SharePoint workflows can easily reduce excessive email clutter.

A big issue for many workers is the excessive use of email that sucks up a lot of precious time. SharePoint is a collaboration tool and can minimize this issue.

For example, creating any type of learning course might involve multiple people and multiple versions. All of the back and forth can leave room for errors and confusion in addition to way too many email strings.

In order to solve this problem, consider implementing SharePoint workflows to streamline and automate content creation. The original file remains in the system and everything including running the process, checking, tracking, reminding and forwarding is all done by the workflow, automatically.


No more unproductive meetings with SharePoint team sites 
Meeting after meeting all day, every day can cause an enormous amount of stress to workers. While sitting in meetings, more work is getting piled up that still needs tending to. Getting this under control is important for companies because they know that the less time people spend answering emails, attending meetings, the more productive and focused they will be.

Team sites in SharePoint are a great solution to reduce physical time in meetings but still offer a collaborative experience. A SharePoint site offers specific kinds of tools and workspaces that can be used to communicate with team members, track projects, coordinate deadlines, and collaboratively create and edit documents.

Streamline procedures with SharePoint portals and content management
Just because something is always done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient. It is important to analyze how things are done consistently because ultimately ease of use will prevail when it comes to simplifying training.

It is probably safe to assume that many employees will forget some of the training provided to them. That is why it’s imperative that there is a consistent place that they know they can locate the information they need.

SharePoint portals for employee onboarding is a great example of this. Once orientation happens, new employees will need to be able to access employee information, policies and procedures, and the latest company news. Advanced search capabilities in SharePoint make it even easier to find the right information as well.

SharePoint task lists and calendar make it easy to prioritize and delegate
Learning to delegate is a big step in simplifying the workplace. Many people find it very difficult to let go and come up with a variety of excuses from not having time to train someone else to subscribing to the idea of ‘if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.’ 
Letting go of control is challenging but SharePoint task lists can be a trainer’s best friend. Let’s say you’ve created a team site for your course and are ready to delegate. Simply assign a team member with a job and it will automatically fill in on the project timeline and sync with Outlook calendar. Concerned about whether or not the job is getting done? No worries, you can check to see what the status is on a task as well update when it’s due.

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