Flexiblility in an Effective Training System

What Makes an LMS Flexible?

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Flexiblility in an Effective Training System


How effective can your course be when the content or presentation is inconsistent, when items are not always available, or when content has to be adjusted or limited because of the platform you are using? Utilizing the right training system makes all the difference in how effective a course will be.

Offering flexibility in training is not as easy as it seems. Many learning management systems on the market claim to have it all but do they really?

Training needs grow and change and an LMS should be able to go along for the ride. Things to consider when it comes to flexibility:

  • What types of learning paths are offered?
  • Can the user interface be adapted?
  • What are the authentication protocols?
  • Can you adjust the look and feel of the LMS?

There are numerous benefits to flexibility in training but the most prominent is increased training effectiveness. More often than not we need to draw a straight line between our training efforts and increased productivity or outcomes. Being able to create a learning environment that is most conducive to the way people learn is paramount and a flexible LMS helps achieve this.

ShareKnowledge offers true learning flexibility

ShareKnowledge training system, built on the proven and flexible environment of SharePoint, allows you to deliver courses the way that you want − in a quality manner that inspires trust and learning. We have done our homework so that your learners can more easily do theirs.

ShareKnowledge training system provides a consistent but flexible company-wide learning platform. Courses and learning materials may be assigned to learners based on a variety of variables, such as their title, organizational unit, or other individual or group attributes. Due dates, prerequisites, and course catalogs can also be customized to provide learners with a more personalized experience. When users log in, they are presented with their own personal learning plan in a familiar format.

We all know that people learn in different ways. A flexible training system like ShareKnowledge allows each learner to utilize the tools that benefit them the most – from videos to discussion boards, formal training to elearning.

Because of this, ShareKnowledge training system offers organizations the flexibility to track a wide variety of training conducted through multiple venues including classroom, online, and external training. Organizations also have plenty of flexibility in measuring the effectiveness of their training through the use of customized assessments such as images, random question selection and a variety of question types.

A training system that is tied directly to content management is also a huge benefit for trainers. There is never a need to move critical learning content from one system to another. With ShareKnowledge, everything is housed under one SharePoint 'roof', which significantly reduces the chance of error and increases productivity.

ShareKnowledge 4.0 (coming soon!) offers customers several new features including a new course rating feature, improved notifications, enhanced SCORM player and much more! Training system flexibility is a must and this is why ShareKnowledge strives to improve our product with each new version.

ShareKnowledge also enables organizations to provide personalized hierarchical course catalogues, allowing learners to select their own courses or course materials from those that are available to them. Managing which courses a learner can see and register for is handled by the application, reducing administrative tasks, frustration, duplicate data-entry, and the possibility of errors.

All of these features and more contribute to the flexibility of ShareKnowledge training system and to the ultimate effectiveness of your training efforts. 

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