When Acquisitions Happen employees shouldn't be what breaks a company merger or your growth objectives

employees will play a big part in a merger going smoothly

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Employees shouldn’t be what breaks a company merger and your growth objectives

Mergers mean different things to different people. If you’re the CEO, than a merger means better efficiencies, increased productivity, reduced expenses and improved profits.

It’s just not that easy though.

When two companies merge this creates a larger business with more people, more training needs, more production, more expectations…more everything.

Your employees will play a big part in the merger going smoothly. Or, they can also wreak havoc on an already stressful time.

While the management team is busy working on merger details, your employees are often times getting pushed to the side which decreases morale, leading to an exodus of key talent.

The ones that stay might be worried they will have new job responsibilities, increased workloads or even moved to a different department.

Mergers do come with adjustments to the workforce.
Employees might be shifted into new roles that require fresh skills. They must be able to quickly adapt to unfamiliar policies, practice and politics; work with strangers from different or even national cultures; or report to a new boss.

If the adjustment doesn’t go well with your employees, prepare for a big loss in productivity and sales. 

Disruption and downtime is common during change but your customers still expect high-quality service despite major company changes.

To meet these expectations employees must be trained to ensure that service offerings are at the best quality. So, during a company conversion leaders will want to ensure the training process is quick and efficient.

Can your LMS help ease the scale issues that are inevitable when a merger happens?

So, what LMS features help make scale easier during a merger?

1. Automation. Jobs will change, employees will be moved to different departments and training requirements will be different. When this happens, your LMS should be able to reduce your stress by automatically assigning the right training no matter what the change is.

2. Easy to take training. With all the chaos that can happen, your employees should be able to take required training no matter where they are. Whether that be from a desktop, mobile or on a tablet out in the field.

3. Social. Morale can suffer with mergers but when an LMS can offer social opportunities to meet and learn from each other it is only beneficial to a smooth transition.

4. Variety of course availability. Can the LMS allow more than just the administrator to access the LMS and create reports etc.? During times of change it’s very helpful for the LMS to give access to those who need it, especially when there is a lot going on.

5. The ability to process large amounts of data and employees accessing the system.
This should be a no brainer sometimes it’s missed in the selection process. The LMS that works fine now may not work at all once a merger happens and employees and demands multiply.

How the CEO can help Learning & Development during a Merger?

Yes, there are many balls in the air during a big merger and you might be hyper focused on business stuff versus people stuff.

You might even believe it’s HR and the learning departments job to manage employees. But, now more than ever, your role as a leader is important. And, partnering with HR and Learning is crucial for setting and executing the new shared vision.

For instance, with a close relationship established with the learning department, you will be privy to regular reports to see patterns of people reviewing specific content related to the merger to proactively spot weak points in communication, buy-in, skills gaps or other things that will impact the success of the new organization.

Company culture is crucial and this is all your opportunity to shine in a leadership role.

Re-establish the company’s vision and values

Vision and values drive success. Every employee must understand and buy into your vision or they probably won’t support or promote it. When employees understand your new vision and values, it is more likely they will embrace it. This gives employees a sense of ownership and commitment and that drives both their success and your company’s success.

Share information and knowledge

After a deal gets done, people wonder what it all means for them. At a time when integration and growth are vital, sharing information and knowledge can become difficult. C-level executives must step up and share information freely and openly with employees to assure them of their job status. Doing so will improve job satisfaction and ultimately employee productivity.

Actively develop the company’s culture

A merger can change the culture of a company and make it better, but the CEO must set the tone and lead to create a high performance culture.

 Mergers come with adjustments for your company. An LMS that can take on the increased load as well as make the training process easier and more efficient is a major bonus. Because when that part is running smoothly it leaves room to enjoy the benefits of a merger shine through – efficiency, profitability and increased competitiveness.

ShareKnowledge is a good choice for those who want and need a scalable LMS. Built exclusively for the corporate environment, ShareKnowledge handles with ease all the requirements of complex business and training processes. If you would like more information about how ShareKnowledge can solve your training needs, please fill out the form.

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