CorVel's Winning Year usng a SharePoint LMS

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CorVel's Winning Year using a SharePoint LMS

In 2013, CorVel Corporation (CorVel) liked their results implementing our ShareKnowledge SharePoint 2013 LMS. They entered the 2014 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards Program, with us as their LMS vendor partner. Naturally, all our fingers are crossed.

In one year, CorVel retired their homegrown SharePoint 2013 LMS, and replaced it with ShareKnowledge, saving hard dollars and increasing their learning management delivery capabilities. Here are a few things CorVel learned.

Components of success

ShareKnowledge makes full use of the existing Active Directory, and all of the training and expertise the IT staff developed with the old SharePoint 2013 learning management system is directly applicable to ShareKnowledge, so CorVel reused their entire SharePoint infrastructure.

CorVel’s training and development program benefited from ShareKnowledge, too. The demands of HIPAA security and compliance training and detailed record keeping for their full 3,000 member staff, specific training for selected groups, and tracking weekly training webinar attendance for earning CEUs would have been too difficult with their homegrown LMS.

CorVel cancelled its annual offsite training event for newly hired managers and staff, using ShareKnowledge’s webinar training capabilities instead. Besides the direct expense of hosting and managing offsite training, managers and staff had their work disrupted during the offsite. Now, with an SharePoint 2013 LMS, CorVel’s people receive their training directly and remotely, and get their work done, too.

Matthew Smith, the Documentation & Training Manager at CorVel responsible for selecting and implementing our SharePoint 2013 LMS, told us what he thought of the year that just passed. Matt said, “We went into [ShareKnowledge] expecting a fully integrated SharePoint product and it is. There are no surprises. ShareKnowledge did just what it was supposed to do.” Thanks, Matt!

Of course, we are waiting expectantly for the results of the 2014 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Program, but you don’t have to wait to get the full details on what else CorVel accomplished, and how much money they saved. Download our CorVel and ShareKnowledge SharePoint 2013 learning management system case study now and learn more…

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