How to Implement a Compliance Program for Cybersecurity

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How to Implement a Compliance Program for Cybersecurity

The 2016 presidential campaign has been nothing less than dramatic - from the constant he said/she said banter, leaked tapes and the infamous WikiLeaks. No matter your position, we can all take away one thing…a corporate compliance program is crucial for business in order to avoid the damage of a possible security attack.

WikiLeaks and Corporate Compliance

It’s impossible to open the news without hearing about WikiLeaks, and what some are saying is the biggest cybersecurity breach in presidential campaign history.

On March 19, 2016, John Podesta, the Democratic campaign chairman, was the recipient of a phishing ploy that ultimately gave attackers access to the contents of his Gmail account. As a result, WikiLeaks has been publishing the private details of the Democratic campaign.

This brings to light a big security issue that companies face every day and how corporate compliance programs can help combat these very serious threats.

2016 proved to be another year of devastating data breaches, spanning across multiple industries, across both large and small companies alike. Ultimately costing these companies over $400 billion!

According to, human error is to blame for most breaches (37%), like was the case for Podesta. Other causes include phishing and malware, external theft of a device and employee theft.

Corporate compliance issues in 2017

The use of remote workers in business continues to gain in popularity and with that comes the growth of mobile use.

As we look into 2017, attacks on mobile devices will continue to grow. Experts predict that more and more enterprise breaches originating on mobile devices will become a more significant corporate security concern.

Top reasons why a corporate compliance program is important

A strong corporate compliance program is designed to detect and prevent violations of law by the agents, employees, officers and directors of a business.

Why do you need one?

1 ) Your Business is required to have a compliance program

Every year there are more and more state and federal regulations put in place that businesses must follow or face steep penalties.

2) Save money and time

Getting caught not following regulations has cost businesses millions of dollars in fines, not to mention lots of time in litigation.

3) Protect your reputation

Once a company has a serious security mishap, it ruins trust with your customers which ultimately effects your bottom line.

What to look for in a good corporate compliance training program

There is a plethora of techniques to protect your company but one that should be a big part of any defense strategy is to educate your employee, business partners and customers via a solid training program.

What does that entail?

First and foremost, a good corporate compliance training program should combine both a training and certification element. This means that not only are the educated but that they must keep up those skills with certification.

With regards to data security and the issues of mobile use, many incidents result from human error such as disposing of devices without wiping the data first. This example could be addressed in a training program that requires an e-signature that documents the material has been reviewed. Training employees on the organization’s information security policies and procedures should be part of the onboarding process and should be included in periodic training. These programs should be continuously updated to address the constantly evolving threat landscape as well as organizational changes impacting data privacy and security.

When it comes to corporate compliance, it is crucial that any training program have rigorous record keeping capabilities. For highly regulated industries, it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’ you get audited, you’ll be completely prepared. Certification helps provide documentation on when employees were trained and how they have kept up-to-date.

Document management often falls to the wayside but it’s a very important feature to consider with a corporate compliance program. With compliance specifically, it is so important that you have the most recent training modules and the more trainings are moved from one system to another and computer to computer, the more you risk the possibility of error.

With a good document management system in play, you’ll have complete versioning and auditing at the tip of your hands. A bonus is to be able to link your training system you’re your document management system.

In today’s day and age companies have enough on their plates but dealing with a WikiLeaks-type breach is not one anybody welcomes. But, preparation and a good corporate compliance training program can help stave off any future issues.

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