Selecting an LMS: Reporting from an Information Technology (IT) Perspective

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Selecting an LMS: Reporting from an Information Technology (IT) Perspective

Keeping the IT department running smoothly keeps you busy enough. Putting out unnecessary fires related to Learning Management System (LMS) reporting can easily be avoided by choosing the right LMS in the first place.

When your staff gets pulled away from important projects to deal with LMS reporting issues, it can quickly surpass allocated staff hours and lower productivity in your department.

It also doesn’t fair well since you most likely had a hand in choosing the LMS.

If features such as reporting don’t work as expected, how do you explain to the CEO or CFO that the LMS was a good technology investment? Especially since reporting is so important for these folks.

There are multiple systems in place within any organization. And, integration is extremely important.

But, from an IT perspective, this could prove to be a huge burden if the process is too complex and time consuming.

A system that is too complex can even mean that in order to work with the LMS, your staff may need special technical skills.

Compliance is another headache that falls into the IT department’s wheelhouse. Good reporting will be necessary to see how employees are complying with learning programs required for industry and federal requirements.

If employees fall behind, your company could face major fines and penalties.

So what reporting features should I be looking for in an LMS?

There are specific reporting features that bode well for the IT department’s needs, including,

  • Simple and easy. Reports should be intuitive so anybody, no matter their technology expertise, can pull the information they need – leaving the IT department to focus on other jobs.
  • Integration. Integration is necessary to get the full picture of your learning programs. Your LMS should easily be able to ‘talk to’ other systems without unnecessary steps.
  • Automated Compliance. While you handle the security side of things, ease your mind knowing that compliance reports can be automated so you know exactly where your business stands at any given point in time.
  • Customization. The reporting needs of your business will always be changing to the ability to easily customize is crucial.

During the LMS selection process, keep these features top of mind while exploring additional requirements.

The Selection Process

Reporting is a very important piece of the learning puzzle for a variety of job roles from learning managers all the way to the CEO.
But, if things go wrong, who do they run to? The IT department.
With that said, it’s imperative to listen to the reporting needs of each LMS selection team member. And, jot down notes that particularly relate to your job and the effect it might have on time and resources.

Does Jennifer need a complex report that might consume a lot of time? Maybe David needs to be able to export a report for comparison with other departments and then be able to share it with his manager?

Does the existing system offer a direct integration, or will developers need to configure an API?

There could be a variety of scenarios that must be considered. That is why it’s important for the IT department to be included during any LMS demonstrations.

Another way to be as thorough as possible during the selection process is to ask to speak with current clients.
Were there any reporting issues and if so, how did customer service handle it?
Selecting an LMS is a big decision and one that can create business value for your company. Good reporting is an important feature to consider because it plays a big part in successfully reaching business objectives. Wouldn’t you love an LMS report that is so easy and intuitive that managers can pull the data they need without needing help? It’s possible when you choose the right LMS with great reporting features.

If you’re currently using SharePoint and want an LMS with robust reporting features, ShareKnowledge might be a good option for your business. To learn more about our unique advantage point to corporate training, please fill out the form and we’ll be in contact soon.
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