Selecting an LMS: Ease of Use for Employees

If your learners can't use the system, nobody will use it!

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Selecting an LMS: Ease of Use for Employees

One of the most critical aspects of a Learning Management system (LMS) is to develop and grow the skills of employees. If the system creates a barrier for employees to learn, it defeats the entire purpose of an LMS.

As a result, employees aren’t getting on-boarded efficiently, compliance training falls through the cracks and learning programs are stalled indefinitely.

This creates a huge problem.

Not only has your investment gone to waste, but now you’re left looking for another system.

Remember, aside from the interview process, your LMS is often times the first interaction your employees has with your company.

And, you never get a second chance at a first impression.  If your employees can’t log in to the system or are unable to complete assigned courses, this makes for a very bad user experience.

Employees need a great learning experience to succeed in their job roles. And, the biggest challenge to this in general is a terrible user experience.

What LMS Traits Create a Better User Experience for Employees?

In this fast-paced world, learners want an LMS that is easy to use, with an interface that provides access to content anytime, anywhere and with hassle-free navigation.

As you’re evaluating learning systems, these attributes will appeal to the ease of use needs for employees:

  1. Familiar Platform. People like what they know.  Choose an LMS that provides a familiar experience that they already understand and use (e.g., Microsoft Office).
  2. Single Sign On. Remove the barrier of forgotten passwords by selecting an LMS that utilizes single sign-on.
  3. Personalized Learning Paths. Create enthusiasm with an easy to navigate personal home page that details what courses have already been taken, what courses are coming up and suggestions for other talent development options.
  4. Integration. Make it easy for employees to streamline all their tasks with an LMS that is integrated (e.g., sync with calendar, webinars).
  5. Flexible and Customizable. An overly cluttered home page is confusing and can cause employees to feel overwhelmed. An LMS that can be customized ensures that only the features needed are available. 

During the LMS selection process, keep these features top of mind while exploring additional requirements.

The Selection Process

Ease of Use is one of the leading factors why a business chooses to replace their LMS. Therefore, it should be a leading feature to consider when choosing an LMS.

While creating a team to evaluate potential LMSs, be sure to include your employees. They will be the primary users utilizing the system and should have their input heard before selecting an LMS.

There are a few questions that should be asked during the process:

  • Is the system too complex?
    Simple is a good thing when it comes to an LMS. The more complex it is, the more confusion it creates. User adoption suffers as a result. Don’t get sidetracked with flashy ‘bells and whistles.’
  • Will the user be able to go from section A to section B easily?
    Really pay attention to the number of buttons and how many clicks it takes to do simple learning tasks. Also look for common symbols that the user would recognize.
  • Will the LMS work anytime?
    Be sure that the user can access the system from a variety of different situations (e.g., online-offline availability, availability in low connectivity areas etc.)
  • Is the text readable? Are the images loading correctly, are the videos optimized?
    This is often overlooked but don’t forget the details. They’re important.

While this isn’t a complete list, it’s a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of the end user.  This will give a better picture of the types of features that will make the system easier to use.

When an LMS is selected with ease of use in mind for the learner, you’ll reap the benefits.

Namely, it will improve employee performance and increase engagement. This is because an easy to use LMS motivates the learner to interact with it in a meaningful and intuitive way.

Employees will thank you if they have an LMS they love to use.

There are many different things to consider when selecting an LMS. It should be enjoyable, effective and easy to use. Plain and simple.

The more your employees are learning, the better for your business. An easy to use LMS will lead to efficient learning and a system that is actually useful and accomplishes the goals it has in terms of skill development, engagement and employee satisfaction.

ShareKnowledge is built on Microsoft SharePoint, a platform that your employees already know and loveFully customizable, our system can personalize any learning path of your choosing and can even integrate with all of your other business systems. If you would like more information about how ShareKnowledge can solve your learning needs, please fill out the form and we’ll be in contact shortly.

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