Selecting an LMS: Ease of use for the administrator

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Selecting an LMS: Ease of use for the administrator

Let’s face it, a complicated LMS can easily scare away the very people that need to use it, learners. But, ease of use is just as important for administrators who are the key to your LMS success.

After all, they are the daily users and ambassadors of the system!

When considering an LMS, it’s crucial to think about what kind of User Experience (UX) it provides for administrators. Just like sales teams rely on a CRM to do their work, administrators rely on an LMS to do theirs. So, the ability to use the LMS with ease is critical and equally important for your business.

The administrator is the single point of contact for all LMS-related issues. They are the liaison between the LMS and your stakeholders. So, when those people ask questions, they need to know how to answer.

Creating awareness about how the LMS is an invaluable asset is part of the job of an administrator. But, if they are not happy because they can’t figure out how to upload content or assign learning paths, this only sets the stage for others having problems as well.

What features will help Ease of Use for the LMS Administrator?

Ease of Use for the LMS administrator usually come down to a few simple features:

1.    Simple User Interface. A good user interface will make it easy to do the tasks you want to do.

2.    Automation. Automation frees up time to do other important things instead of trying to manage the LMS.

3.    Reporting. An administrator must track progress and reports should be easy to pull from within the LMS.

4.    Personalized Learning. An administrator needs to be able to automate individual learning paths. This removes several administrative steps and tasks.

When choosing an LMS, these features should be top of mind when it comes to Ease of Use for the administrator.

The Selection Process

According to Brandon Hall Group, about 50 percent of companies are looking to replace their LMS. User experience was a big reason for the switch but also high on the list was the need for an improved administrative experience.

So, what does this mean?

Ease of Use is critical for LMS success. When selecting an LMS, consider your learners first. But, also consider the needs of the LMS administrator.

What will they need to do with the LMS? What are their content creation, assignment and reporting needs? How will the LMS help them be more efficient and effective at administering your training program?

With over 600 LMSs on the market, selecting one can be daunting. To make it a little easier, draw up a list of considerations to help prioritize potential systems. As an example, if you have SharePoint then you might put an LMS, like ShareKnowledge, on your shortlist. Regardless, Ease of Use should be at the top of your list, not only for your learners but administrators as well.

There are many training managers already using SharePoint for various training tasks. This includes creating content, storing content, collaborating on training projects and more. If this is your situation, then let’s chat more about how to leverage your SharePoint environment with ShareKnowledge. Please fill out the form for more information.

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