Benefits of Cross-Department Corporate Training

Employees that are nimble and versatile are highly prized!

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Benefits of Cross-Department Corporate Training

In today’s dynamic world, it’s critical to have employees who are nimble and versatile. Cross-departmental corporate training provides value to organizations by ensuring that skill sets and experience are distributed broadly. In addition, this system of corporate training provides employees with broader, valuable skills and a deeper understanding of the organization.

Using an effective method to implement cross-training is essential for success. While there are many ways to cross-train — such as job shadowing, immersion programs or rotational assignments — a learning management system can provide effective, consistent and accurate training for all skill sets.

Cross Department Corporate Training

Using an LMS for corporate training is common, but for those organizations that consider using LMS tools for cross-training, the benefits are considerable. Here are a few:

Cost savings

When vacancies arise, through departures, retirements or extended leaves of absence, hiring can be costly. Recruitment, onboarding and lost time all add up. With LMS for corporate training, organizations can use internal resources to fill those positions. In many cases, shifting roles and duties internally will be less costly than external hiring.

Performance improvement

With LMS cross-training, you can assemble permanent or temporary teams of employees who are already aware of the corporate values, culture and expectations. Nimble employees can allow an organization to maintain production levels near or equal to those with fully experienced team members. In instances of illness or a leave of absence, cross-training mitigates the risk and expense of bringing in temporary employees.

Improved morale

In addition to the financial benefits of cross-training, such programs also are likely to motivate and inspire employees. Gaining additional corporate training can and should be positioned as a significant employee benefit, perk and reward. Offering on-the-job training can be used as a recruitment and retention strategy, demonstrating the company’s investment in its employees and their continued professional growth.

The ShareKnowledge Advantage 

In partnering with ShareKnowledge, your organization can leverage a comprehensive corporate training solution that transforms your workforce into a more versatile and skilled group. ShareKnowledge is the first corporate LMS built to run in the Microsoft SharePoint environment, providing an integrated tool that offers a broad range of features — including testing, assessments and learning activities. With an intuitive learner’s interface, flexible reporting functionality and social components, ShareKnowledge offers a broad range of possibilities.

For cross-training, ShareKnowledge complements and supports activities to build, grow and expand teams. Training can be assigned to learners in specific units or based on other customizable criteria. Permission-based access to learning modules can tap into active directory functionality, eliminating the need for separate authentication and role-definition systems.

As employees acquire new skills, trainers can track results via team-based status reports, team transcripts with proficiency grades, and feedback tools to gauge the efficacy and relevance of provided training tools.

Social tools allow for enhanced collaboration among existing teams and newly cross-trained employees. Team-specific sites, wikis, blogs, discussion boards and forums all can play a role. Gamification and badges offer employee recognition options, while team members can communicate, track project progress and establish project deadlines.

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